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My first experience with Microsoft Dynamics AX, BC.Net and the Enterprise Portal at Microsoft.

January, 2009

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    RPC error 1702 when calling a WinAPI method from a batch job

    You probably already noticed that error messages are sometimes not really helpful when you are trying to understand a problem. The following code creates such misleading error message: 1: public void run() 2: { 3: ; 4: if (WinApi::folderExists...
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    Enums and localization… in X++

    On Msdn enumerators (Enums) are described as: X++ does not support constants but has an enumerable type (Enum), which is a list of literals. You need to create an Enum in the Application Object Tree (AOT) before you can use it. Enum values are...
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    AxUpdatePortal Utility

    I just want to remind the existence of this nice little tool , which is be very useful for any deployment or redeployment of your WebParts and EP-sites. Basically it is a simple .Net command-line executable which calls the same method as the AxSetup does...
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    Internet Explorer 8 RC1

    Because I blogged about Google Chrome when it was getting beta, I’m doing this with the IE 8, too. You can now install the RC1 of this version, which is very close the the final version. This version is available here . The key features of this version...
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