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  • Blog Post: Supporting Promotable Transactions and Phase 0

    If you are providing support for promotable transactions for your resource manager using PSPE then you need to remember to "support" Phase 0. In general, a resource manager doesn't need to do anything special about Phase 0; this phase will be handled solely by the transaction manager. But, because...
  • Blog Post: Phase0 in .Net System.Transactions

    In a previous post ( http://blogs.msdn.com/florinlazar/archive/2006/01/29/518956.aspx ) I talked about Phase0 and some useful things it allows you to do. Although not referred as Phase0, phase 0 features are available in .Net System.Transactions in two forms. Actually in three, but the third is a derivate...
  • Blog Post: MSDTC: The Magic of Phase Zero (Phase0) – Or – When Using 2PC Transactions Is Not Enough

    The most known technique of implementing distributed transaction is the "two-phase commit" (2PC). Here is a quick summary of how this technique works: - Active phase: After the transaction is created and before the "commit" message is issued by the creator, the transaction is in the "active" state. During...
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