June, 2007

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    Uhhhh... I’m, like, angry at numbers.

    A teacher asks Butt-head if he is angry for some reason Butt-head: Uhhhh... I’m, like, angry at numbers. Beavis: Yeah, there’s like, too many of them and stuff. If Beavis and Butthead were typographers, they would be ecstatic. For...
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    A blast from type past!

    When Windows 2000 launched, there was a new typeface included called Palatino Linotype. What was special about it? Quite a bit actually. The description that comes with the typeface explains why. “Palatino Linotype is the definitive new version of Hermann...
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    The Technology of Text

    Kevin Larson on our team recently had an article published in Spectrum IEEE. Here is a link to the online Version. Edit: Update link reference Edit: Update Image Reference
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