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    One often finds the colophon at the end of a book, but in the case of this blog it is only right to bring it out first thing As this blog will be discussing fonts and screen readability—it only makes sense to take advantage of a feature in Internet...
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    The Liquid Crystal Goblet

    A lot of people take reading on a computer screen for granted. Most don’t even notice the type, while others may think (if it were even to cross their minds for a fleeting second) that its just fonts, they come with my PC, they just work, probably...
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    Reading of Science

    Hi, I’m the team’s reading psychologist. A lot of people freak out at the title psychologist fearing that I can read your mind or analyze your relationship with your Mother just by looking at you. What I actually do is apply the scientific method to questions...
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    Welcome to our font blog.

    Welcome to our new blog. I’ll start my first posting with an old but relevant joke. Question: What do you call two typographers in one room? Answer: An argument… So what do you call a blogspace full of type folks? Well, we hope we’re creating a...
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