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Notes from the Microsoft campus

May, 2004

  • Franci Penov

    What's your lifestyle?

    I'll make this one short. If you are doing all you stuff on the computer as admin - stop it now! Get through the pain and switch as a regular user once and for all. Here are the reasons why and some tips on how to ease the pain .
  • Franci Penov


    I was looking around for desktop blog authoring tool. Well, not exactly loooking around; more like I've been pondering the idea for several months. I use RSS Bandit and w.bloggar was the obvious choice (read: it was in the RSS Bandit context menu :-)...
  • Franci Penov

    'They shoud not be making money out of it!'

    'I have about 20 authors with twice as many blogs and I don't make money from this site. I can't afford to pay for MT.' 'I love it, it's good product, but there's no way I am paying for it.' 'They want us to pay for it? It's outrageous!' 'SixApart...
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