Franci Penov

Notes from the Microsoft campus

February, 2005

  • Franci Penov


    Ouch! I looks like I spoke too fast. Apparently, Mark is no longer with Google. has a story about this and Google Blogoscoped reports that he might be fired. I don't know any details and I can't comment whether Google had legal grounds. For all...
  • Franci Penov

    Google Maps

    Google Maps is one slick web application. It's very fast and the interface is quite intuitive. On the other hand, searching for One Microsoft Way is definitely showing the wrong place. :-) Couple more complaints: Searching for my home address shows nearby...
  • Franci Penov

    New methods for IPC

    Stoyan has an interesting post about two new methods for IPC . The MCIPC (Morse Code IPC) uses one mutex and the well-known morse code. The other method uses 64 mutexes (+1 for silence or bus tact) to form 64-bit bus. I'll have to spend some time to implement...
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