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  • Blog Post: Windows Live Writer Beta announced

    Grab the bits from here . For more details go to Writer Zone . Posted using Windows Live Writer (Beta)
  • Blog Post: Mark is back

    I am glad to see that Mark Jen is back online. For a while I thought he might've actually got in trouble. It's good to see him blogging again. Mark, good luck at Google. I am sure you'll do there just as good (or even better) as you did on the Indigo team.
  • Blog Post: William Gibson has a blog

    That might be old news for people out there, but it was a pleasant surprise for me to discover that William Gibson has a blog ( rss here ). Apparently, it's been up for the last two years or so. Oh well, I guess I can't keep an eye on everything. Although I wish I knew earlier about it. Update: Apparently...
  • Blog Post: Was that really necessary?

    I just stumbled upon these two posts . Compare them to these two posts . 'Nuf said. Update: To answer the question about my point - the first two posts above are verbatim copies of other peoples's posts, one of them being mine. I am ok with somebody republishing the information from my blog. Hey, that...
  • Blog Post: w.bloggar

    I was looking around for desktop blog authoring tool. Well, not exactly loooking around; more like I've been pondering the idea for several months. I use RSS Bandit and w.bloggar was the obvious choice (read: it was in the RSS Bandit context menu :-)). So I went and installed it. Some first impressions...
  • Blog Post: Are blogs worth advertisements in them?

    I use RSS so that I can avoid all the clutter of the HTML overhead. Including the advertisements. So imagine my dissapointment when clicking on the last post from one of the blogs I used to read showed a full-page advertisement in my browser. I realize that blogging is not free; at least not for most...
  • Blog Post: Bloggers influence?

    While reading this interesting (as in not-the-usual-rant-against-microsoft-world-dominance-or-how-this-or-that-system-is-inherently-more-secure-than-windows-just-because) story, I could help but notice the following: You can sit naked at your desk and buy a product by, effectively, pushing buttons...
  • Blog Post: The Power of Scoble

    [ Update : John's site was back up about half an hour after I posted this. I guess I have healing..., errr, fixing powers...] [ Update 2 : Exactly 1 hour and 10 minutes after I posted this, Scoble himself showed up for comment. Apparently, there is true to the old wisdom that knowing the name of somebody...
  • Blog Post: Bite the bullet and give us full text

    Blogging was supposed to be that great medium that will help us transition from the web world where the design and the presentation so often dictate what we see and where individuals and companies are judged by how they look to a world where the ideas are the main thing and everybody is earning ranks...
  • Blog Post: Visualizing blogs

    Ever wondered what a blog looks like? Steve Makofsky has implemented small tool to visualize blogs . It would be interesting to add the feature to show a map of the links between the posts in the various blogs. Let's see if I can find the time and play with this in the next week...
  • Blog Post: Florin Lazar in the house

    Hm, it looks like Florin Lazar - one of the guys responsible for the transactions testing at our team, is in the blogging house... I have to subscribe once I am back from LA.
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