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  • Blog Post: Enablilng dragging in Canvas, v3.5 edition

    About a year ago I posted a class implemented couple of dependency properties you could attach to a Canvas and it's children and allowed dragging. The DPs were working quite well with any visual element inside the Canvas, including the standard controls like Button. Unfortunately, with .Net v3.5 the...
  • Blog Post: Enabling dragging in Canvas, part 2

    Update: There were some bugs in the code, which caused funny behavior with elements that have a render transform applied to them. I've updated the code below to fix these. In part 1 we covered how the dragging behavior will be attached to the Canvas object. Let's take a look now at the actual dragging...
  • Blog Post: Enabling dragging in canvas

    When developing UI, most of the time we want the controls nicely sized, ordered and aligned automatically. But sometimes it's just fun to put them free floating and be able to push them around. The Canvas panel allows for absolute positioning of the controls on it; however, there's nothing in WPF that...
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