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A very kind soul, Aaron Cooper, invited me to join Orkut, after I asked him nicely

What a Guy!

So, I'm finally hanging out with the cool kids. Feels nice. I am now connected to 15364 people through friends.

The site is a nice piece of ASP.NET development (I have to make it somewhat relevant).

If anyone of of my readers wants to join Orkut, just leave me a comment and I'll see what I can do!

  • I read your blog... And I can't believe nobody's posted a "invite me" comment yet. Looks like I'm the first.

    You don't know me, but "Please, please, please can I be your friend?" :-)

    You might need my e-mail address or something... Its paul @ (for spam prevention)digitaltinder . com.
  • Do you want me to be your friend ? :D

    I've been wanting this lately since a lot of people talks about Orkut...

    You can contact me via the contact page of my blog.
  • Ohh please please please? my email is mhawley @ (REMOVEME)bcsc.com
  • Howdy,

    I did too, follow Orkut since the early begining but without an invitation I cannot see much further than the front page of the site, or read people's blog about it :)

    I'd really appreciate if you could invite me, as I am very curious about this recent "Social Networking Software" trend.

    Here's my email addy: jcouture@(removethat)dragon-ware.com
  • NEVERMIND! Thanks anyway, but I got an invite from someone else! :) Can't wait to explore this new (to me) universe ;)

    See you there!
  • Hi Frank,
    I'm quite curious. Even if Robert Scoble said that it's nothing special ;) I would like to see by myself.
    Thank you anyway

  • me too.... pretty please with sugar on top ;-)

  • hi! i'd like to check it out. could you invite me, please?

    thanx :)

    vnrg at energized dot sk

  • Please invite me: thanks!
    mrh (at)harrison (dot)ws
  • I'm a member of linkedin.com and would like to check out orkut. Could you please invite me?
    abhijitgore at(ignore@this.com) hotmail dot com
  • Frank, I'd be very interested in checking out Orkut and seeing what's going on there. My email is william at bartholomew dot com dot au.
  • Hey Frank, please invite me (pandrew1 @ hotmail)
  • Please add me too so I can then invite Melinda.
  • Hi Bill, hows it hanging.

  • Hi, anybody please invite me to join the orkut community to make new friend's. Please send me invitaion at nitin_flying@(removethis)yahoo.co.in
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