Aussie Blogger get together at upcoming security conference ???

Aussie Blogger get together at upcoming security conference ???

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Damian had a fantastic suggestion - a blogger get together during the upcoming Security Summits.

This is a great idea. Anyone in each state willing to arrange something??? I will be at the Sydney gig, but not in the other states.

City Date
Brisbane 1 March 2004
Sydney 3 March 2004
Canberra 5 March, 2004
Hobart 9 March 2004
Melbourne 11 March, 2004
Darwin 12 March, 2004
Adelaide 16 March, 2004
Perth 18 March, 2004

  • Glad you liked it :)

    How about upstairs at the Pyrmont Bridge hotel at 5pm ? It's really close by and we can take over as much of the second floor as we need.
  • I wish I could get to the Brisbane one...I doubt I will be able to convince my managers to miss a day of "billable work"
  • Unfortunately, I can't make the sydney one, due to the MS Partner Conference for Architects in Melbourne, I wish the days had of worked out better.. !
  • This is an excellent idea Frank,would love to participate in a Security session with fellow bloggers. I am from Melbourne.
  • I registered to go but I have be in Melbourne next week (found out on Friday).

    It would be so cool if .NET bloggers could get together once a month!
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