Upcoming developer webcasts

Upcoming developer webcasts

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I wanted to draw your attention to an upcoming series of webcasts which are focused on developing xml-based business productivity solutions, using infopath & office 2003.

All the details are here, and here's the hook, participate in all 8 sessions and receive a 64 MB USB Flash Drive!!! Sweet!!!!!
The other good news is these webcasts are at a friendly time, rather than the typical 3am ones that have been running recently - which some of the local mvps know all about ;)
  • Take Outs for 6 March 2004
  • Why must we register? Can you also put these in other times for non US markets?

  • you register so you can get the usb flash drive
  • I have my own flash drives thank you, how can I view without registering then?

  • just rock up at the scheduled time

  • "participate in all 8 sessions and receive a 64 MB USB Flash Drive"

    I am not sure to understand. You mean the huge time wasted in listening the full series is only valued to a 64MB flash drive, approx 30$? Is this a joke?
  • stephane, we are offering you free training. if it isnt appropriate for you, dont signup. it is your choice.
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