do kids blog? - maybe

do kids blog? - maybe

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Cam asks Do Kids Blog. Well I have a story that may answer this.

Over the past few years, I have been a mentor at a local primary school, working with kids in Years 5 and 6. I setup a simple site that resembled a blog, but didnt have any publishing system behind the scenes (unless you call notepad and ftp a publishing system).

Towards the end of this program, I setup my own blogger site  and I encouraged my mentees to use blogger and write about any stuff, and suprisingly a number of them actually did.

Oscar, Michael and Jason all started a blog. Most of them focused on style issues, such as putting images on, adding music etc, but some also started writing. Some of it was disturbing.

Unfortunately once the mentoring sessions stopped, so too did the blogging. The kids were doing it not for themselves, but for me.

This year, I am trying to encourage my two eldest sons (Antony & Billy) to blog. I am sure I will get them

Conclusion - kids will blog, if they are motivated.

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