May, 2004

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    13 Years at Microsoft


    I've just celebrated my 13 year anniversary at Microsoft. It's been a fun journey.

    I've been really lucky, as I have done lots of different things, been exposed to different parts of the business, and seen it from different parts of the world. I have been very fortunate to work with some amazing people within Microsoft, as well as some outstanding organisations & people outside of Microsoft.

    Quicky chronology:

    May 1991 Sep 1993 Microsoft Canberra, working as a Systems Engineer
    Sep 1993 Aug 1994 Microsoft Corp, @ Executive Briefing Center
    Aug 1994 Oct 1995 Microsoft Corp, in the Advanced Technology Group, working on Interactive TV
    Nov 1995 May 1997 Microsoft Australia, MSN Technical Director
    Jun 1997 Jun 1999 ninemsn CTO
    Jun 1999 May 2001 Microsoft Region, Digital Media dude
    May 2001 now Microsoft Australia, Developer Evangelism

    If you want more details, you can look here, as well as stuff said in the press.

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  • frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger

    Tech.Ed 2004 | National Convention & Exhibition Centre | Canberra - 3 - 6 August 2004


    Tech.Ed 2004 is underway in San Diego at the moment (visit the Tech·Ed Blogger Site to read feedback from those who are there) and we are in the final stages of planning for Australia's Tech.Ed, scheduled for August 3 to 6 in Canberra.

    Here's a sneak preview of the Developer track we are cooking up:

    • DEV300 - Visual Studio Team System Part 1
    • DEV301 - Visual Studio Team System Part 2
    • DEV411 - ASP.NET: Best Practices for Performance
    • DEV313 - ASP.NET 2.0: Overview (Part 1)
    • DEV314 - ASP.NET 2.0: Overview (Part 2)
    • CTS302 - Connected Systems: Using Web Services Enhancements v2.0 (WSE) to Secure Web Services
    • DEV350 - Visual Studio: Programming Middle-Tier Business Logic
    • DEV351 - Visual Studio: IDE Tips and Tricks
    • DEV 370 - Developing Applications Under Windows XP Service Pack 2
    • DEV290 - .NET Framework: Exploring What's new in the CLR 2.0
    • DEV490 - .NET Framework: CLR - Under the hood
    • DEV321 - Visual C# 2005: Language Enhancements
    • DEV342 - Visual Basic 2005: Rapid Development the VB Developer
    • DEV390 - .NET Framework: So You THINK You Know What an Object Is?

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  • frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger

    ASP.NET Site of the Day : Mission Australia


    Now, here's something interesting. The Mission Australia site is an ASP.NET site. Mission Australia is a non-denominational Christian organisation with a vision to spread the love of God and meet human need.

    So it's kinda cool that they have an ASP.NET powered site.

    But what's really cool is that it's driven by a CMS developed by Aussie company Clear Blue Day.

    Now, what's interesting to me is that every page is driven by the same .ASPX page with a really long ID - for example check out these urls (if you dare) :

    As Rove would say -- “What The....?

  • frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger

    Aussie XMLTV WebService


    I stumbled across a really interesting xml webservice that does something really handy, provides access to a local Australian TV program guide information. A very handy service indeed.

    Development One's XMLTV based television programme guide information service for Australia.

    The following operations are supported.

    • GetProviders
      Provides a listing of all Television providers for Australia - consisting of a code and a description for each provider.

    • GetPayProviders
      Provides a listing of all Pay Television providers for Australia - consisting of a code and a description for each provider.

    • GetChannels
      Provides a listing of Channels for a given Provider and Region.

    • GetRegions
      Provides a listing of regions for Australia, consisting of a code and a description for each region.

    • GetPayChannels2
      Provides a listing of Pay Television Channels for a given Provider and Region, with the option to list the Pay TV channels or the Free to Air channels.

    • GetRecordCount
      Provides the record count for a given database table.

    • GetPrograms
      Provides a listing of Programs for a given Channel (using its ChannelID) and Date.

    • GetPayChannels
      Provides a listing of Pay Television Channels for a given Provider and Region, with the option to include Free to Air Channels.

    • GetChannelInfo
      Provides the details for a given Channel or Channels. List multiple channels with space delimiter.

    • GetFreeChannels
      Provides a listing of Free to Air Channels for a given Region.

    I'm thinking of using this to create an TV GUIDE app for my XDA II! Hmmm, two dreams apps now for my device.

  • frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger

    RSS Screensaver


    There is lots to like about this app, a screen saver that consumes RSS feeds - 

    Online News Screensaver is a unique and informative screensaver tool that delivers the latest news right to the screen of your computer. If you have a direct Internet access, the screensaver will keep bringing you the news reports continuously.

    • Hot news from a top internet sites in realtime;
    • Full customization, you decide what kind of information you want to receive;
    • Different visual effects, such as flowing and fadeout;
    • Picture slide show on the background;
    • HTML and RSS formats supported as a news sources.

    Pity it's not written using the .net framework, but cool never the less.

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  • frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger

    Blogging Plug-in for Windows Media Player 9 & Visual Blogger = It Works!


    Magically the Blogging Plug-in for Windows Media Player 9 Series is now working with Visual Blogger.

    I stopped and started the app and voila, I have a little footer with the music I am listening to. Pretty cool.

    Keep up the great work, Robert

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  • frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger

    ASP.NET Site of the Day -- Cracker


    Those guys at F2 are really getting into ASP.NET.

    I got a note from one of the developers of a new site they launch earlier this year - - which is a free classifieds site.

    Here's their About Us page

    At Cracker we have a strong opinion on what a web community should be.

    It's a place where users decide the content, not us.

    Cracker's aim is simple: to give local communities a free voice. That means we offer not-for-profit discussion forums and FREE classified ads on a town-to-town basis. We don't have online auctions or a global-domination agenda. We simply want to connect (and entertain) local Australians, in local suburbs, in local cities.

    Of course, we can't allow illegal behaviour - but ultimately, this site's content is up to you. We don't censor content unless the Cracker community specifically votes for it (and in large numbers). Go ahead, try your best to shock us. Strong language? Pffft. Unless other Cracker users request it, you won't get banned. Yes. Really.

    The best thing is, almost all of our services are entirely free.

    Here's exactly what we're here for:

    We give you

    • Free classified ads - including dating, real estate, cars, community events… you name it, we cover it! We also have some paid-ad categories (eg, jobs) to help pay our operating costs.
    • Peer-censored discussion forums. We're not the thought police so voice your real opinion.
    • A good time. We're not into boring classifieds ads so we encourage you to be imaginative. You've got nothing to lose by placing a crazily-worded ad - it's free and you can stay completely anonymous.

    We DON'T give you

    • banner ads
    • online auctions
    • censorship of content, unless the community requests it
    • hidden after-sale fees or commissions

    What do we believe in?

    • A fast and simple site - we doubt you'll find Cracker slow or hard-to-use.
    • Fresh, up-to-date content - old content bad, new content goo-oo-ood.
    • Democracy - you guys decide what's fair game on this site, NOT us
    • A free voice for everyone - so use it
    • Respect, trust and (and possibly even intimacy?) for your fellow Cracker members
    • Consistent, down-to-earth values

    OK, now get to it. It's up to you to make this a great site.

    After all, it's your web community, not ours.

    - The Ed

    Check it out!

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