My first news article reference of my blog...

My first news article reference of my blog...

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Yeah, I know that's a weird subject line, but bear with me......

Today there was a story in the mainstream media - Computerworld - that referenced a post from my blog. It was in relation to a local ISV, CDT,  who has developed a application called FileSphere. I wrote up a rather excited post after having a demo of the application. I was quoted, or rather, my post was quoted. Wow!

The phenomenon mentioned by a recent businessweek story is being repeated all over the world. Now that's cool.

And by the way, Filesphere really is cool.

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  • Hi Frank
    I checked in with the reporters on this story after reading your post. Interestingly, Microsoft PR fed them your quotes via some promo material at CeBit Sydney. They didn't come to your site directly. Hmm...
    Regardless, both were glad to see Computerworld get a mention in the blogosphere.
    We're in the early days of connecting the blog & news worlds at IDG, and I think over time more local journalists will start recognising Aussie bloggers can be sources.
  • ah... sorry, got my URL wrong.
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