Questions to ask BillG

Questions to ask BillG

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On the topic of questions to ask BillG, let me show you some of the questions people have sent me to ask BillG:

  • Why should we consider the Microsoft Application Platform when J2EE gives us platform choice and a significant number of large SI that have proven track records in this space.
  • Give me a reason why I should consider MS for my mission critical systems vs the technology/services combination coming from IBM.
  • Why should we invest in our datacenter vision where IBM outsurcing their IT through autonomic computing makes better sense from a financial perspective.
  • Will Microsoft continue to invest in curriculum and research initiatives.
  • Why are students losing interest in Computer Science?
  • What is Microsoft's view on open standards, open source and software patents.
  • What is Microsoft's commitment on using the .NET framework internally on things like Office.
  • What is Microsoft's plans to support RSS and other syndication formats.
  • What does the SUN deal really mean.
  • How can an ISV tap into MS development funds.
  • How can MS help an ISV commercialize their IP.

Phew - it's going to be an interesting time. I can't wait to hear the answers

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  • "What is Microsoft's view on open standards, open source and software patents."

    I think we already know the answer to this one. Lip service to Open Standards but no action, and we'll kill the second one with the third.

    Sorry I'm feeling a lairy today :P Don't mean to sound like a zealot.
  • I'd like answers to questions that aren't so directly related to work as it were:

    "What is your favourite programming language and why do you prefer it?"

    "What do you have for breakfast normally and where do you prefer to eat it?"

    "Do you play multiplayer computer games and if so which is your favourite and why?"

    "What is your personal (as far as possible) opinion on Linux and Open Source ideals? Have you ever tried a Linux distribution and if so what did you like and not like?"
  • I like the first two questions. As a consultant, these are questions *I* have a hard time answering to my clients. And until I have a satisfactory time answering them, almost all of the Fortune 500 work we do is Java. Most of the Microsoft work is mid-sized businesses that are 100% Microsoft, so we don't have to convince them to use .NET.
  • Lots has been written about Bill Gates leaving Microsoft today and the Microsoft.COM home page says it

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