A tale of loss from TechEd 2003

A tale of loss from TechEd 2003

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Last year, TechEd was held in Brisbane, at the Convention Center.

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I have tradionally worn a lovely LOUD Mambo Hawaiian shirt, which was yellow with red roses, similar to the one that is for sale on Ebay. This shirt is no longer available and it is considered a collector's item -  as are all the LOUD mambo shirts

Well, at last year's TechEd party (held at Family nightclub), one of the attendees asked me if he could wear my shirt. Foolishly I let him wear it. Next thing I know this dude has run away and I am missing a shirt. I have no idea who he was, and I haven't seen him since.

So, if anyone sees someone at TechEd 2004 with *MY* Mambo shirt - grab him and please let me know. I want my shirt back!

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