Finally I get a Tablet PC!

Finally I get a Tablet PC!

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I have had my pc for 3 years - a Dell Latitude C610. It's tired and needs a rest.

Today I collected my new Tablet PC - a Toshiba Protégé M200. Yummy.

So, I am now in the cool kids club! No longer feeling left out, I can hang out with Dr Neil and the other cool kids, and not be embarrassed because I don't have a tablet.

I can now enter the world of gestures, ink and one note!

I can even install some of those powertoys that I blogged about

But first, I need to drag across 3 years of collected email, photos, documents, apps, settings and goodness knows what else!!

  • What specs did you get frank? I am seriously thinking of getting one, so I can join in too :)
  • Welcome to the club Frank...i suppose we have to show you the secret hand shake now.... ;)
  • I want one too!

    Yes, i'm also curious as to the specs. I've heard so much about it and it looks awesome.
  • Congrats on your new Tablet. I'm Sure you'll be having lots of fun with it. Check your specs though. I think you'll find you have a GForce video card with 32 MB of dedicated DDR RAM.
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