November, 2004

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    Windows Embedded Seminar for Windows CE & XP | 1 December 2004, Wednesday @ 12:30pm ~ 5:50pm





    Date : 1 December 2004, Wednesday @ 12:30pm ~ 5:50pm
    Windows Embedded Seminar for Windows CE & XP Embedded

    DST Asia will be holding Microsoft Windows Embedded Seminar in Sydney, Australia.
    Join us and receive the latest information on Windows Embedded platform technology on both Windows XP Embedded SP2 and Windows CE 5.0 through our technical sessions.

    Attend this FREE half day event specially for Embedded Systems Engineers/Developers, Project Managers, Technical Decision Makers and others who are interested in this field.

    This is a great opportunity for you to learn how to integrate Windows Embedded technology with your custom platform, and learn effective techniques for bringing your products to market faster, etc.

    DST Asia provides the attendees with Microsoft strategies, the latest product information and technologies, including relevant 3rd party solutions and offers you in-depth technical content on Windows Embedded Operating Systems, focusing on Windows CE, Windows XP Embedded for the next generation of intelligent, 32-bit connected Windows Powered devices and case studies for Windows Embedded based applications. Tool demo for XPE and CE 5.0 will be presented.

    Register now to attend this free seminar! As seats are limited, registration via our WECOM Asia will be invited & notified. If you have problems in registration or need more information, please contact Apple Ng (

    Register Now!
    WECOM Asia Member (also known as eM-Partners), simply access the below url for online registration.

    For Online Registration:
    * If you are yet our WECOM Asia member, please follow the below steps for member registration before login to the above url for seminar registration.

    Step 1. Access to WECOM Asia
    Step 2. Register as member(eM-Partner) by creating your own preference ID & Password
    Step 3. Login with the ID & password after registration
    Step 4. Access to Training/Seminar page, select the event date and simply click on
    Register for new registration.

    DST Asia Pte Ltd
    Tel : (65) 6311 - 9355 | Fax : (65) 6311 - 9609
    Homepage : | Community :


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    Imagine Cup 2005


    Deeps has been filling me on the upcoming Imagine Cup 2005 to be held in Japan

    I had a look at the registration leaders and Australia is in the top 10 !!

    1. Brazil (390)
    2. United States (307)
    3. India (213)
    4. China (204)
    5. France (120)
    6. Germany (91)
    7. Belgium (82)
    8. Canada (82)
    9. United Kingdom (71)
    10. Australia (58)

    Come on Aussie students - signup for the Imagine Cup now!! More info at

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    Dr Neil and Mappoint Web Service


     Dr. Neil has an article on Builder.AU which takes a look at MapPoint Web Service development in a step-by-step approach; check it out: Finding your way with MapPoint

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    The FLASH just goes on


    While I was off work with my illness, the local MSDN Flash kept on going out, thanks to all the great guest editors who offered to help - we had Jason McConnell, Anna Liu, David Glover and Deeps all contribute.

    I have added these to the unofficial MSDN Flash archive.

    I am back in the saddle now and working on the next flash.

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    Deeps has a blog


    Deeps - why didn't you tell me you had a blog!

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    Claiming my feed on feedster


    No Need to Click Here - I'm just claiming my feed at Feedster

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    Aussie ISV Community Days - coming real soon


    In November, we are hitting the road and delivering the ISV Community Days.  These replace the ISV breakfasts that we used to do around the country.The benefit is we cover more information, in more depth.

    Microsoft ISV Community Day

    Track One: ISV / Business Track
    Sales sessions focus on the Microsoft and HP joint sales proposition, solutions available for business management and mobility, and developing marketing and sales skills.

    Track Two: ISV Technical Track
    The technology sessions focus on the server technologies in a technical format that cover hardware, operating systems, systems management and security and migration methods.

    Dates and Locations

    City Date Venue Location


    Friday 12th Nov 2004

    Hyatt Regency Perth

    Hyatt Regency Perth
    99 Adelaide Terrace
    Perth WA  6000


    Thursday 18th Nov 2004

    Adelaide Convention Centre

    Adelaide Convention Centre

    North Terrace

    Adelaide  SA   5000 


    Tuesday 23rd Nov 2004

    National Convention Centre - ACT

    National Convention Centre
    31 Constitution Avenue
    Canberra  City  ACT 


    Wednesday 24th Nov 2004

    Sydney Convention Centre

    Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre
    Darling Drive
    Darling Harbour


    Thursday 2nd Dec 2004

    Crown Towers - Melbourne

    Crown Towers
    8 Whiteman Street
    Southbank  VIC  3006


    Wednesday 8th Dec 2004

    Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

    Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre
    Cnr Merivale & Glenelg Streets
    South Brisbane  QLD  4101

    So, if you are in the business of developing software on the Microsoft platform, come along to a venue near you.

    Click here to register for the Microsoft ISV Community Day

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