Franks in hospital

Franks in hospital

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It is Moira here (frankies wife) he asked me to post a note to let you all know that he is in hospital at the moment and will be back to his computer as soon as he is able.

  • Get well soon dude !!!
  • Thanks Moria.
    Frank, we're here thinking of you. Get yourself fit and healthy again so you can come down to the beach and play in the sea!
  • Hope he gets well soon.
  • Hope it is nothing serious, and that he is back out in the real world soon...
  • Get well soon! We're waiting for your next post :)
  • Best wishes, hope he gets well soon.
  • Get well soon
  • Hope you get well soon!
  • If I were in the hospital and concerned about the state of my blog, my SO would probably make my hospital stay permanent. :)

    Get well soon Frank.
  • Best wishes, I hope it's nothing serious.
  • Hey Moira, please tell Frank we're thinking of him and hoping he gets better quickly.
  • Best wishes, hope you get well soon.
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