Feedback requested on what it would take to be an Evangelist

Feedback requested on what it would take to be an Evangelist

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I got an email the other day from Matt who is interested in the current role we have open in Melbourne. I asked Matt if I could post his email to my blog, as he asks some good questions, so I will answer in subsequent posts.

Mail from: frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger
Sender: Matt Trentini

Heya Frank,

I saw your recent posting about the position that Jason McConnell vacated. I don't think I've yet got the experience that you guys are looking for but it's the kind of role that I'd be considering in a couple of years time.

I'm a C++ developer, and I'm passionate about software engineering as a discipline; developing _right_. I've been working at Agilent Technologies in Melbourne for four years which was my first job out of uni after studying a double degree in computer science and digital systems engineering. I keep abreast of technology in general and have also been doing some 'work on the side' architecting and part-implementing a .NET (ADO.NET, C#, Winforms, ASP.NET) based solution for a small startup consulting group.

Anyways, if you're still reading, I'd like to get your opinion on how I'd best get the experience to fulfil a position like the one you advertised. Or perhaps I'm just too 'developer' for such a role? And if that's the case is there any hope for a dev like me to have a future in your company?

Any feedback would be great!


PS Great podcast with Mick & Cam the other day - you've had an interesting career!!

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