My Dream App : the dream continues

My Dream App : the dream continues

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If Greg Low can dare to dream, dammit, so will I!

Almost a year ago, I wrote a post about My Dream App. This generated a few comments and some emails from different folks, links to sites. I even got a screen shot of a sample which got me very excited, but it was all tease.

No dream app came forth.

So, my quest continues. Who can help a hopeless footy fanatic such as myself???

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  • Hmm Frank
    Your perfect app sounds a lot like Marc Canters concept of a digital lifestyle aggregator if only for AFL.

    God help me but I still don't understand that game... ;-)

  • I hang my head in shame. I think I was one that is very close to having what you want (backend and Webservice) but got sidetracked by having a 6 Month old and also doing another project (Trying to write a Sports Tipping program (i.e. Footy tipping)). Hope to get back to it half way through the year (progably with the beta of 10.1A from progress).

  • How long have I got Frank - I'm in the middle of writing one for another sport (soccer!!!)

  • Ha ha Frank, I reckon my VSTS plug-in for Eclipse will be done before you're footy program. Go Bombers!!!

  • Last Thursday, May 25th, in Melbourne, we had the Australian
    MEDC 2006  hit town.
    Looking at...
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