Another Interview with Me

Another Interview with Me

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I was interviewed today by Sean Kaye over Skype. Sean expects to have the podcast/blogcast/audiocast online sometime this week. 

We covered a bunch of topics, such as the upcoming Visual Studio 2005 releases, Entlib, challenges IT Professionals face, VB6 Petition, Blogging at Microsoft, MSDN Connection and other interesting things.

Looking forward to listening to it soon.

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  • Okay, might be a bit stupid today (I am getting pretty excited about the AFL starting this week) but i can't find the actual MP3 files that is his podcast. Can you give me a link?

  • Hey Molly

    My interview isn't up yet, but you can see his past interviews here
  • Is it just me or is that not explained very well in his other posts (like the one about his interview with you). Of Course, perhaps I just didn't read his blog very clearly.
  • I have been waiting for VS.NET 2005, SQL 2005,.NET 2 for about one year. Do you know when I can really expect the final release of them?
  • The podcast has now been posted online. If you have an aggregator capable of pulling down RSS feeds with enclosures then it should be easy, otherwise just click on the "podcast" icon in the entry.
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