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  • Hi Frank, Think your going for the record of the most amount of blogs :)

    Good to see your still active, remember you from the Dotcom days back when I was at sanity.com.au

    Keep up the blogging.
  • Hi Frank,

    You may remember me from EDS (you came out a couple of times) and you appeared on our Bank of Queensland case study video...;-)
    Saw you floating around at teched in Brisbane as well.

    Good to see you on weblogs.asp.net. Look forward to more posts.
  • nice to know there are a few other australians out there, welcome :)
  • Nice collection of links - i've actually seen webjet when talking to James, looks very good.
  • Cool blog Frank.
    About time you got an ASP.NET powered blog.
  • I do not understand what is the benefit of that. Must buy a expensive certitificate and allowed to use that logo?
  • Hannes, you pose a terrific question.

    Solutions branded with the .NET Connected logo enable customers to more quickly and easily integrate with their business partners, connect with their own customers, and provide the right information to their employees - saving precious time and conserving capital. The logo identifies a product or service that they can trust.

    It takes time to build that trust.
  • nice marketing sentence.. not more!
  • The digital certificate costs $400 USD, and it can be reused. Surely this isnt too high a cost. In return, a number of marketing programs will be made available.
    At the end of a day, you want to sell your solution. This will helps.
  • This site is down, right ?
    Maybe you can get in touch with this guy there:
  • Interesting, thank you.

    This is of course a very interesting deal of a start-up with a low budget.
  • Site looks really great. Good Job! But few basic things I would like to point out. You have got Trace enabled and Custom Error mode Off. I can see Trace data for all user requests and I changed the query string value in the homepage and it thrown an exception and I can view the entire exception stack. Disable trace and set custom errors mode On. Please don’t think I'm criticising or something, I just want to bring those things to your notice. You might have forgot to deploy your production version of web.config file and you must have deployed your dev version of config file, which usually have trace and debug enabled and custom error mode off. Easy to make those mistakes and I myself have done it before and paid a huge price because of that.
  • frank,

    Sorry about my previous post, I thought you developed it. Please accept my Apologise.
  • Frank-

    It is one of the bloggers on weblogs! He wrote about it only 2 days ago.


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