Atlanta bound

Atlanta bound

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Lots of Microsoftees are getting ready to head to Atlanta for the annual Microsoft Global Briefing, or as we call it, MGB. I made the trip to Atlanta last year as well.

MGB is held annually at the start of a financial year and usually in one of the warmer locations in the continental USA.  The meeting is divided into a couple of days of role specific meetings, but it all kicks with a special day in which everyone gets together.

We all pile into a big venue (like an enclosed sports arena) and we hear from a number of senior leaders within the company who review our effort in the previous year and describe our strategy and plans for the upcoming year.  Generally Bill Gates opens the day and Steve Ballmer closes it. It's a pretty intense, tiring, motivating and inspiring day. 

Following this combined day, we have a number of role specific days, drilling down into the details - again, reviewing the past year and outlining the strategies for the coming year. In between  meetings, there are countless opportunities to meet with peers from across the ocean or around the world or see some of the local sites or even attend a geek dinner.

It then ends with a BIG party. Last year we had Smash Mouth perform. This year, the word is that we will see Jet -  a good aussie band.

I'll post more when I get to Atlanta.

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