It's all Small Virtual Earth after all

It's all Small Virtual Earth after all

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So, I am sitting in the CNN Center Plaza in Atlanta (My Location on Virtual Earth), drinking a tall Americano from the local Starbucks, waiting to meet Robert Scoble - we hooked up, he got his departure time wrong.

Anyways, I turn on my laptop and access the free hotspot and the first thing I see is a IM message from Dr Neil Roodyn, who is in London at the moment. He sends me a url to new site he has been working on - viaVirtualEarth, a developer community for the newly launched Virtual Earth. Already? Isn't this thing meant to be launched tomorrow? Well, I guess it's tomorrow somewhere in the world.

So, I want a blog part that shows where I am on virtual earth. Come on - get building. I've got a plane to catch.

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