I'm still looking for my shirt

I'm still looking for my shirt

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You may be familiar with the story of my missing Mambo shirt from Tech.Ed 2003 which was held in Brisbane.

Quick summary - For Tech.Ed, I tradionally have worn a lovely LOUD Mambo Hawaiian shirt, which was yellow with red roses. This shirt is no longer available and it is considered a collector's item -  as are all the LOUD mambo shirts. It is so rare, I can't even find a photo of it online. At  the TechEd 2003 party (held at Family nightclub), one of the attendees asked me if he could wear my shirt. Foolishly I let him wear it. Next thing I know this dude has run away and I am missing a shirt. I have no idea who he was, and I haven't seen him since.

I'm still looking for the dude who took my shirt. Since Tech.Ed is back in Queensland, I am hopeful that my shirt *may* attend Tech.Ed and come back to me.

If you see someone wearing a yellow shirt with big red roses, get the person's name and let me know!!!!

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