Top 10 Names of Tech.Ed Attendees, Mate!

Top 10 Names of Tech.Ed Attendees, Mate!

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All this data mining of Tech.Ed registations has prompted someone to ask the question - what the most popular name.

Good question -- Well, I am eager to please, so I went looking for the the top 10.

So, if you bump into some person and you cant see their name tag, try one of these names. The odds are pretty good

  1. David
  2. Andrew
  3. Michael
  4. Paul
  5. Peter
  6. John
  7. Mark
  8. Chris
  9. Craig
  10. Robert

And, if all else fails, Aussie Tech.Ed 2005 will *not* be a mate-free zone, you can call use the word 'mate' to address people at Tech.Ed.

See you on the Gold Coast, Mate!!

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