Yikes - Tell Me This Isn't So!

Yikes - Tell Me This Isn't So!

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This week I had to suffer a hard disk crash & rebuild, which was a big distraction for me considering Tech.Ed Australia is so close.

Well, last night my XDA II started behaving erratically. I had seen some worrying error messages during a synch - specifically error 0x80004005. The explanation - "Synchronization cannot be completed successfully because of a mobile device software error. Contact your network administrator." - translates to "reset your device dude, you are screwed."

I turned to a post I did last year - What's on FDA's XDA II - so that I could track down my essentials apps. Normally I have all these already installed on my computer and just use ActiveSync to update the device, but with the recent hard disk snafu, I had to get back to the original sources.

As if I don't have enough to do - FFS

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