September, 2005

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    For Sale : Sauce Reader RSS reader product with source code


    The locally developed Sauce Reader is for sale on ebay.

    I blogged about this app 12 months ago. Now, the source code is for sale.


    Sauce Reader is a powerful and highly regarded RSS reader and weblog posting application.

    Basic Facts

    • Sauce Reader is an RSS reader and weblog editing software for Windows.
    • You can download full working versions of Sauce Reader v1.10.exe or Sauce Reader v2.0.1.exe.
    • Sauce Reader has many unique features including:
      • Comment feed subscriptions and notifications of new items.
      • Powerful weblog editing with full conflict resolution.
      • IE toolbar integration for fast feed subscriptions.
      • Integration with Google and MSN Desktop search.
      • Windows messenger integration for sharing items in virtual feeds.
    • Sauce Reader v1.x is completely written in C# .NET.
    • Sauce Reader v2.x is completely written in Delphi.

    Included in sale

    • Exclusive source code rights to Sauce Reader v1.x.
    • Exclusive source code rights to Sauce Reader v2.x.
    • Ownership and control of the Sauce Reader brand and domain name.

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    I've been speaking to the press...


    I've had a few interviews with different journalists over the past week.

    I was interviewed by JV Douglas from MIS Magazine  for a feature on user groups she is writing.  I spoke at length about the different types of user groups, how MS works with them and what the benefits are.  I then talked about MVPs and how they are often the drivers of user groups, and how some companies are encouraging their people to be community leaders.  I also got to mention the wonderful Code Camp OZ which ran earlier this year, and finally how Microsoft uses community feedback in product development

    Another interview was with a person doing a piece about business blogging in Australia. She was curious as to why Microsoft was taking a lead in this, and why other traditional organisations weren't turning to blogging as a way to speak to the customers. 

    I have yet to see any of it online, but I'm sure this will appear soon. I get so impatient if stuff isn't instantly published. The joys of online. In the old media world we need to kill some trees to get this stuff out first.

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    MSDN Webcast Dude comes to visit


    I got my very own MSDN Webcast Dude.

    He's really cute, but a bit shy.

    He's hiding in my new WinFX cup which came to me via the just ended PDC.

    Some of my team members took pity on my not attending the PDC, so they are trying to cheer me with tchotchkes.

    It's working.

    It's also helps that today is International Talk Like A Pirate Day - kinda takes my mind of certain things --- Arrr!
    (You too can learn to talk like a pirate)

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    PDC05 : Day 4 - and it's all over


    Day 4 of PDC05 wasn't as big as the previous days, but it was still noteworthy.

    Day Four

    Security Symposium Takes the Stage
    Best practices from Microsoft and industry developers that are building security into the software development process using the Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) as their model. Learn more about SDL here.

    Architecture: Making the Pieces Work Together
    The PDC Architecture Symposium showcases how traditional best practices and recent innovations can be used together to build robust solutions that accelerate business value creation.

    What did I get out of the day? A nice new toolbar for IE -- Developer Toolbar for IE announced at PDC

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    Some Real Feedback from Tech.Ed Student Day


    I got a wonderful email from an attendee of the Tech.Ed Student day. He has kindly given me permission to post it here

    From: Benjamin Weber
    Sent: Wednesday, 14 September 2005 10:59 PM
    To: Frank Arrigo
    Subject: Tech.Ed 2005

    Hi Frank,

    I just wanted to drop you an email letting you know how nice it was talking to you at the Tech.Ed Student Day (it was weeks ago already, but my memory is so bad I kept forgetting to email you). 

    It is very refreshing to see the personal face of such a big entity, the experience has really given me a lot more motivation than I had to peruse a career at Microsoft, however difficult it may seem.

    The whole event went off really well, Ari's presentation was nothing short of superb and all of the other speakers did really well. 

    And to think, this was only Tech.Ed, imagine what fun the PDC attendees are having right now...



    Some days, I really *do* love my job.  Hmmm, I think I've said this before earlier

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    Lastest MSDN Flash is coming (seriously)


    The last MSDN Flash has been delayed for a few days, due to some weird problem in the system. It will be hitting the inboxes of subscribers today. I'm sure of it.

    However, for those of you who can't wait, let me tell you the headline "Get Virtual Server with an MSDN Subscription"

    Combine this with Get MSDN Universal Now! (and save over $10,000 on VSTS) and what a deal we have for you!!. All we need is some steak knives. Oh wait, the office guys can help out there too

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