September, 2005

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    4 times in one night


    So, last night my XDA II decided to reset itself 4 times (what else do you think I meant with that subject line?)

    For the life of me I really don't know why it did that. The battery was fully charged. I hadn't installed any suspect software. FFS, I had recently reinstalled my apps following an earlier occurance of this, so it was clean.

    What gives? What would cause it to reset itself? Maybe it knows I am considering upgrading to a new Windows Mobile 5 phone, like the K-Jam or the Jasjar

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  • frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger

    PDC05 Day 3


    The news doesn't stop. Day 3 of the PDC continues to be action packed

    Day Three

    Announcing: Microsoft Visual Studio Tools For Applications
    VSTA heralds new era in .NET application customization, enabling ISVs to better meet end user needs. Premium placed on application security and productivity.

    Details on Project "Atlas"
    Check out the latest tools and techniques for building rich and interactive, and personalized Web applications.

    Overview of Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS)
    ADFS in Windows Server 2003 R2 helps administrators address the common challenges around identity management and federated systems.

    Windows Server 2003 R2 Identity and Access Management
    Windows Server 2003 R2 offers functionality that extends connectivity and control of identity management for internal and external collaboration.

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    MSN Developer Center


    MSN gets all Web 2.0.  Check out the new MSN Developer Center on  MSDN

    • MSN Search
      Find the tools and information you need to create powerful applications that retrieve data from the MSN Search Engine.
      MSN Virtual Earth
      Now you can build applications that use the great mapping features of MSN Virtual Earth. The external Web site provides the resources you need, including tutorials, sample applications, and a gallery where you can see other developer applications.
    • MSN Search Toolbar with Windows Desktop Search
      Windows Desktop Search can be extended to index the contents of new file types and data sources. The user interface can be extended by associating icons and context-menu handlers with those items. Also, applications can be built to query the index and display the results inline.
    • Extend with Gadgets is now extensible, with our new AJAX framework. Go to the developer site to learn how to build your own gadgets, customize your feeds, and more.

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    PDC05 Day 2


    Lot's more news from day 2 of PDC05

    Day Two

    Announcing: Windows Workflow Foundation
    The first details of Windows Workflow Foundation (WWF) were revealed today. WWF represents an investment by Microsoft in workflow technology and provides the tools and programming model needed to quickly develop Windows based workflow enabled applications. It consists of a managed-code framework and designers for Visual Studio 2005.

    Introducing Expression: New Professional Creative Design Tools
    Offers advanced design and development capabilities for the delivery of richer user experiences (UX) on Windows and the Web.

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    PDC05 Has Begun


    PDC '05 is underway, and Day 1 had a bunch of news, announcements and excitement. Here's some of the stuff I missed.

    PDC05 Has Begun

    Day One

    Watch the Bill Gates Keynote
    The PDC kicks off as the sell out crowd assembles for the Bill Gates keynote.

    Top 10 Ways to Light up your apps on Windows Vista
    Check out the top 10 ways to make your Windows Vista applications stand out.

    New UI for Office "12"
    Learn what an expert behind the new Office "12" UI has to say about the new design. You can also learn more about what's new at the Office Developer Center here on MSDN.

    Announcing: The LINQ Project
    Look here for a Q&A with Anders Hejlsberg and Paul Vick where they discuss groundbreaking .NET language innovations that bridge the semantic mismatch between programming language models and data models, making life easier for developers while speeding the development of data rich applications.

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    Wanted : Developer for Brisbane based company


    Leon (AKA Secret Geek) has posted a job ad for a developer role at his company Advantech.

    It includes some intangible criteria - "You are a developer, not a programmer".

    I love it.

    This topic was hotly debated on the aus-dotnet mailing list recently. Some of the comments from the members of the list

    maybe based on Mike Gunderloy's "Coder to Developer" book : assuming of course that programmer == coder

    from his perspective it seems to boil down to "Developers need to know about planning and testing and source code
    control and teamwork and documentation and risk management and a raft of other things" personally I think its just playing semantic games and the two terms are basically interchangable.

    Developer = Creative Coder
    Programmer = Code Churner

    Most developers will do programming at some stage, but desire for development.
    Programmers are just 9-5'ers getting a weekly paycheque.

    hmm - after a bit of searching - lots of blog posts on this question ( Eric Sink of vault fame )

    so the consensus seems to be that a programmer just writes code while a developer does a bunch of other stuff like source control setup, build management, customer support when necessary etc etc.

    I liked this quote though :
    "When people ask me what I do, it depends who asks. If a non-techie type asks me, I say I'm a programmer - it's easy for them to understand and relate to that, If I say I'm a developer, they sometimes ask me if I'm a real estate developer :-) If the person is a techie-type, or works at a tech company I ususally say I'm a developer"

    FWIW my business card says "Software Developer"

    Just writes code?! By that token Davinci was just a painter!!

    A programmer is proud to write code, he/she aims to excel and better him/her self with every line of code.
    After end of the day he/she ponders what could have been done better and does research on new ideas/techniques/methodologies etc.
    A programmer ask better programmers how they would do something,welcomes criticism and improves him/herself.
    A programmer is NOT a 9-5 person, as once the working stops the learning begins.
    Please do not just anyone who can connect a DataGrid to a DataSource is a programmer.
    A programmer expands him/her self to learn about everything that can make his/her job and fellow colleagues job easier.
    A programmer work in not for money, he/she is a artist/technician that takes it on him/herself to improve everything that he/she is capable of improving.
    A programmer has passion and pride in his work. He/She is a craftsman of what that can neither be touched nor measured. Yet his/her work is admired by those who have no idea about intricacies or complexities of programming.
    Please have respect when talking about programmers. Consider yourself lucky if you know such individuals.
    Developer is a programmer who had time to flourish.

    Lots of passion shown in some of these responses.

    I hope Leon can find the right kind of person for the job

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  • frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger

    Angus is blogging live from PDC'05


    Angus Logan is blogging from each session. As he told me on a recent IM

    Angus [Data#3] [PDC in Los Angeles] says:
    i'm sitting in a session with my laptop plugged in; XDA charging; digital camera out taking pictures and blogging stuff as it happens

    Keep it up Angus. Let me see what I'm missing. (I'm not bitter about not being in LA)

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