September, 2005

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    A Shirt Tale


    I got the following email this week from Rob Irwin. I met Rob earlier in the year when I participated in the Breakfast Bytes Panel. Anyways this was the email:

    From: rob irwin
    Sent: Wednesday, 21 September 2005 10:57 AM
    To: Frank Arrigo
    Subject: (frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger) : CRN
    Importance: High

    Hey Frank you might have already seen it, but there's an ENORMOUS photo of you on the back page of this weeks CRN :) RI

    Me in CRN?? That's pretty funny. Considering my sister Rita has recently featured too.

    Turns out it's the story about my shirt (as featured on the photo to the right)

    Quick recap for those of you who have missed this saga:

    Ok, we've caught up on the story yet?

    So, it turns out that this tale is featured in the Shadow Ram section of the 19 September edition of CRN. This is what Rob was on about. And yes, it's a true story.  But why isn't there a photo of the shirt. Shadow Ram your readers what to see it!!

    And yes Rod, that photo is enormous. Gotta love those PR head shots.

    I have a feeling it's time to update mine. Dave Lemphers doesn't like the photo either. He said to me "that picture is soo 1990's! Talk about airbrushing!". I think he was trying to be nice.

    Anyways, the article isn't online yet at the CRN site, but I'm sure it will be soon.

    *UPDATE* 25/09/2005 :  Story now online on CRN Site

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    ViaVirtualEarth launches dev competition : money & prizes to be won


    I got an IM from one of the ViaVirtualEarth team about a promotion they are running.

    Tatham Oddie says:


    We' ve just launched our first competition on so if you're interested, jump in and write an app. We're giving away 25 sets of Streets & Trips with GPS, and USD$1000 cash.


    What I want to know is - when will there be Australian Satellite Data integrated into Virtual Earth???

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    Reporting from PDC'05


    Since I'm not going to the PDC, I intend to consume as much about it online as I can.

    I've subscribed to 100's of feeds via PDCBloggers, watching blogs tagged PDC05 on Technorati, looking at photos on flickr, and reading the blogs of my team members - Chuck, Dave and Andrew.  Speaking of Chuck, he is arranging a night for Australian attendees to get together while at the PDC. He's riding on the back of the get together. Looks like Nigel is making a call for Kiwi Attendees to crash the party. The more the merrier, I reckon.

    Today I spotted a post by Andrew Parsons, a member of the local aussie media, author, editor of ANZ MSDN Magazine and local codemonkey. Andrew has promised to post updates from PDC too.

    So, with the 1000s of bloggers writing up their experiences, I will get a good sense of what's happening. k3w1!

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    How Can I Be A Presenter at TechEd next year ?


    I've been asked recently by some folks that they would like to be able to present at Tech.Ed next year, and who they need to contact.

    My reply went something like this

    Participate in the community.

    • start a blog
    • participate on a mailing list, like the aus-dotnet mailing list
    • go to a user group
    • present at a user group
    • contribute to a community dev project such as DNN
    • do internal presentations at your place of work
    • write articles for magazines
    • get published online
    • write a book

    You do these things and we'll be begging you to present ;)

    Look's very similar to an earlier post of mine - So, you want to be an Evangelist?

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    aus-dotnet mailing list has a new home


    The aus-dotnet mailing list, that wonder from downunder which is helping 1000's of local developers, has moved mail servers. The new mailing list is supported by the good folks at ICO - thanks Ben, you're a champ!

    Dr Pete sent a note out this evening to let the subscribers know about the new system

    From: Peter Stanski
    Sent: Thursday, 8 September 2005 9:14 PM
    Subject: [aus-dotnet] The List is FINALLY back online again! The story so far....

    Hi Guys!

    Yes we are live again! So what happened?

    Our previous ISP's systems were no longer able to cope with the levels of emails we generate on their server. Also, apparently we were clogging up their anti-spam systems which impacted on their other customers.
    Having 1000+ members means that every time you send an email out you touch someone's inbox. So each day if we have 30+ posts we're generating 30K+ emails. 

    Basically, we got told that we would have to get off their server onto a more higher end system which was going to cost 10x times more. AND, their new mail platform would not be able to support the mailing list - which was the deal breaker.  Also, the server became unstable over the last 4 weeks which explains why sometimes the mailing list would not deliver emails, and then deliver them all out in one hit causing more bottlenecks in their mail servers. So things started to spiral out of control. 

    In the last few days it got to the point where their system stopped several times and the SMTP service kept stopping as a result. And we got told to get off the platform, so much so that they shut down the mail system before they were supposed to.  I sent out an email a few days ago telling you all that we were moving to a new server, and that it would be seamless.

    As you know this was not the case. The ISP shut down the mail system without telling us about which resulted in the list stopping all together. Had they kept it going, you would have not seen any issues with the list. So we are no longer with them 8-)

    It just so happens that I had been chatting with Ben Sudbry from ICO the a few weeks ago about all things .Net and their hosting platform. Last week when things really hit the fan, I called Ben and we had a chat about their hosting infrastructure supporting locked down lists mailing - ie. can't post to list without being a subscriber. You'd be surprised how much spam we block every day.  AND while I am on the topic, there is someone in Singapore trying to send phishing emails to the list stating that Stanski Consulting wants you to give us your personal details. Please be careful should such email ever make their way onto the list.

    Back to the story, so Ben and I talked about the list and he kindly offered for to sponsor the mailing list. If you guys need a .Net hosting platform have a chat to them about it. My experience has been excellent and they have promised that if we ever start to need more grunt for the mailing list- they can crank it up for us.

    So we're on the new platform as of now. The DNS MX records are pointing at the correct SMTP mail server and life should be good for all.

    Finally, the list is going strong due to your involvement and I hope that you continue to gain benefit from its usage as a community as a whole.

    Happy Coding!
    Peter Stanski

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    Tech.Ed : Day 1 : The Rest Of The Day


    Wednesday at Tech.Ed was hectic. Following the keynote, I was scheduled to work in an area called the TechNet Lounge, which had no lounge  (Thanks to Scott Savage for this observation)

    So I sat in the lounge and spoke to many of the delegates. When sessions were on, I walked around the Exhibit area a few times meeting some of the folks who were exhibiting. I'll do a summary of what I saw later.

    At the end of the day, we had a get together for our usergoup leaders and MVPs (some would say we ran a Readify team meeting, but I digress). We took our community leaders through the launch plans for the upcoming release of Visual Studio 2005 as well as SQL 2005 and beta release of BizTalk Server 2006. I'm sure we will get lots of feedback over the next few days on our plans

    The evening event was an 'Ask The Experts' dinner, which I missed as I was invited to a dinner with our special journalist guests at Tech.Ed, such as Alex Zaharov-Reutt, Dan Warne, Angus Kidman, Rodney Gedda, Andrew Parson (what happenned to your blog dude?), Fleur Doidge (ditto),  Renai LeMay (ibid) and a bunch of others who I didnt get to chat to. It was nice to catch up some folks who I had met in the past, or who had interviewed me before, or just putting a face to a by-line. We had a rather passionate debate with Fleur and Renai as to whether bloggers are journalists. Renai was for the affirmative, Fleur for the negative and I was slightly amused by the debate. Me a journalist? Not likely. Journalists are the folks who break news, uncover scandles, bring down the oppressors, fight for the underdog, etc etc etc. I'm just a geek with a keyboard and access to the web.

    At the end of the night, we all agreed to disagree and we headed back to the hotel. This was where I first heard the rumours that someone is planning to kidnap my shirt and make a run for it at the upcoming party tonight. Shock Horror.

    Day 2 begins. I'm running late. More updates to follow.

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    Tech.Ed : Day 2 : Live from the Cabana


    Thursday at Tech.Ed was booth day.

    I spent the whole day manning the booth out on the exhibition floor. In my opinion, that's where the action is. It is where the rubber hits the road for the delegates. It is where these folks have perhaps their only ever interaction with Microsoft, where they can actually talk to a real person who works for Microsoft, and get to ask the tough/hard/easy/dumb question that may have been bugging them for ages. I reckon there is no such thing as a dumb question when it comes to this stuff, just questions in search of answer. It always amuses me when I strike up a conversation with the question asker, and suddenly they realise who they are talking to - 'ah, you're the guy who writes the newsletter', 'long time reader, first time caller', etc One person actually was surprised I existed (I have never had a existentialist crisis), and actually believed I was a made up character of some marketing department in America somewhere. As I told him, "mate - I am a marketing department's worse nightmare".

    So, we dealt with lots and lots of questions during the day. And surprisingly, the majority of them had matching answers too.

    Late in the afternoon, I was invited to happy hour with the media in the media room - which is their little santuary to get away from the noise (and customers). I had my team come along as well, because I didn't want to be outnumbered and gang tackled by the awaiting media scrum. I was able to convince the boys from The Podcast Network to come along and interview the interviewers. It was cool seeing Cameron walk into the room with his microphone plugged into his iPod. I had a chat with Dan Warne, congratulated him on his recent certification, and then gave him a rundown on the upcoming Visual Express products. Then I had to run to my cabana session with Betsy.

    The cabana session was ok. We were in the most far away corner of the Exhibit Hall. Slow people made their way over and Betsy launched into her talk, which was made up of 3 parts - Microsoft's evolution in using blogging, a drilldown on the Technology used with a bit of a review of the architecture of Community Server, then finally some tips & tricks on blogging, which included many many Scobleisms, including the The Corporate Weblog Manifesto. Betsy had many many urls in her presentation, and when I catch up with her today I will post them to the blog.  Oh yeah, Angus Logan was there too

    From the cabana, we ran to the front of the Exhibition Center and caught the buses to MovieWorld. My prediction of geeks, rollercoasters and booze came true. Yes, I rode a number of the rides - SCOOBY-DOO SPOOKY COASTER & LETHAL WEAPON - THE RIDE. As they say, fun was had by all.

    More booth duty awaits today. Gotta run. See you on the Exhibition floor.

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