4 times in one night

4 times in one night

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So, last night my XDA II decided to reset itself 4 times (what else do you think I meant with that subject line?)

For the life of me I really don't know why it did that. The battery was fully charged. I hadn't installed any suspect software. FFS, I had recently reinstalled my apps following an earlier occurance of this, so it was clean.

What gives? What would cause it to reset itself? Maybe it knows I am considering upgrading to a new Windows Mobile 5 phone, like the K-Jam or the Jasjar

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  • Few, from the title I thought that you must have got ver excited about the Saints!
    PS. Good Luck!
  • The title definitely had me drawing alternate conclusions... I was thinking "Lucky Bastard!"
  • soft reset or hard reset? My XDA hard reset itself last week! I lost everything. And I had just fragged my Tablet a few hours earlier. Weird. Maybe its a shelf life thing.
  • hard reset - back to the welcome to windows mobile blah blah blah
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