It's shipped!!

It's shipped!!

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It's on it's way, baby!

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13 Oct 2005 16:16 Melbourne Picked Up from Sender 
Article No: OJU62870
13 Oct 2005 16:16 Melbourne Picked Up from Sender 

I've had a few comments about my purchase, wondering why I went with the K-jam and not the JASJAR

Well, it's like this - I've played with a JASJAR and it's a bit bigger than my XDAII. I already have a tablet, so why do I need a mini tablet? I need a phone AND PDA, running Windows Mobile 5. WiFi and keyboard is a bonus. The K-jam should do nicely.

It arrives tomorrow. Which is convenient, because my XDAII has decided to turn into a paperweight today - seriously. Worse than before, as  I am unable to turn it on anymore. I guess I deserved this, since my head's been turned for a younger new love.

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  • Like any jilted lover, things with your XDAII will inevitable turn really ugly.

    You'll wake up one morning and find all you data shredded and your inbox full of gay spam.

    Tread carefully.
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