2 years on, 684 posts

2 years on, 684 posts

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Two years ago, I wrote my first post here. Back then we were on http://blogs.gotdotnet.com & http://weblogs.asp.net/ and blogging was just a curiosity. I had a number of other blogs, which I continue to maintain.

Now, 684 posts later, blogging is still a curiosity for lots of folks. I've been spending many hours helping educate folks on the power of RSS, demystifying Tag Clouds and evangelising the benefits of blogging. I even had a session with our local managing director, Steve Vamos, encouraging him to start a blog. I reckon it would be interesting to get a glimpse behind the scenes. Alternatively, if Steve doesn't blog maybe we can get a podcast going, like Telstra has done recently. Big question, who to host? Maybe someone from Australia's leading podcast network??

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  • Frank, YOU should do a podcast on Microsoft and interview Vamos. I'd tune in!
  • Cam - don't tempt me.
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