TechTalkBlogs ... status after a few days online

TechTalkBlogs ... status after a few days online

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I posted about TechTalkBlogs on Friday evening, and then Tuesday 28/02/06 saw the MSDN Flash go out which announced the arrival of TechTalkBlogs to the 1,000s of Australian MSDN Flash subscribers.

So, how is TechTalkBlogs doing so far. Well, there's some "buzz" in the blogosphere - Ben Barren, Alex Barnett

Let's look at some data from the system

System Summary

Active Feeds: 183
Feed Items: 1,174
Votes: 762

OK, so when I did the post, there were 173 active feeds, and we now have a grand total of 183.

10 new people added. Welcome to all the new folks who have joined into the conversation!

So, now that it's live - what can we do to make this better? I'm open to suggestions.

What can we do to get this thing to soar???

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