The Daily Developer Movement

The Daily Developer Movement

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David Lemphers is on a mission.

He announced his intentions a while back with a post outlining the idea 

Then he thought about events 

and today he launched a wiki 

Welcome to Daily Developers!

What is Daily Developers? It's a wiki for developers to share information, tips and tricks on all things non-technical!

Why!? Well, most of us develop to pay the bills (not exclusively though), and while there is an abundance of information on the web to navigate an API or object model, there isn't much information on how to navigate your career!

So the idea behind Daily Developers is to provide a place where developers (or anyone involved in software development) can add information on how to get ahead, whether it be getting a raise, getting a promotion, or just getting the job done!

As the site evolves, we will add functionality to rate content, so all the stuff that works percolates to the top, and the stuff that doesn't, quietly goes to wiki page heaven ;)

So spread the word, let's start sharing the good oil, and help each other get ahead!

I'm doing my bit in spreading the word.

BTW - It's a Windows SharePoint Services-based wiki site. That's cool too.

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