Windows Vista Developer Center

Windows Vista Developer Center

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I am doing an interview this week for an article on Windows Vista and what is available for developers.

I think I will refer the journo to the Windows Vista Developer Center, specifically the reference section

  • Application Compatibility
    Find easy ways for your existing applications to work on the new platform and achieve the "Works with Windows Vista" designation.
  • Communications
    Find reference information to help you build communication functionality into your Windows Vista applications.
  • Interoperability and Migration
    Get information on interoperability and migration for your Windows Vista applications.
  • Mobile PC
    Get information to help you develop mobile PC applications for Windows Vista.
  • Presentation
    Find resources to help you build applications that reflect the high fidelity experiences in Windows Vista.
  • Security
    Understand the impact that the security changes in Windows Vista may have on existing solutions and the opportunities that exist to build a new generation of secure solutions for Windows
  • System Services
    Get reference information on system services for Windows Vista.

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