November, 2006

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    NYT: The Picture Frame Goes Totally Tech, and No Wires


    Excerpt from New York Times Article:

    The Picture Frame Goes Totally Tech, and No Wires

    Bored with the same family photos on the fridge every day? Digital picture frames let you create slide shows of your loved ones that rotate through the frame’s L.C.D. screen. Getting those pictures into the frame generally requires a direct connection to a computer, or the insertion of a flash memory card filled with photos.


    I so want this!!!!

    To download the Times Reader, click here.

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    Microsoft SOA and Business Process Conference – Thursday, 30 November 2006 – SYDNEY


    So, you want to know more about SOA?

    Come along along for a afternoon of SOA goodness. 

    The afternoon starts with keynotes by David Chappell and Microsoft’s Steve Sloan discussing the Industry and Microsoft’s perspective on SOA and BPM. This will be followed by sessions discussing RFID, Software as a Service and Demystifying Workflow, plus SOA and BPM sessions for industry segments: FSI, Public Sector and the Communications Sector.

    David Lemphers is speaking too. Will Mr DotBoto make an appearance?

    Full Customer agenda



    KEYNOTES:  12.30pm – 2.30pm

    SOA, BPM, and Microsoft: An Industry Perspective

    The move to SOA and an increased focus on business process management address a broad spectrum of problems.  In this presentation, David Chappell will provide a big-picture view of this area.  What’s real?  What’s just hype?  And where do Microsoft technologies such as Windows Communication Foundation, BizTalk Server and Windows SharePoint Services fit into the picture?

    Speaker: David Chappell, Principal, Chappell & Associates (San Francisco, California)  (

    Audience: IT decision makers, architects, and others interested in an external overview of and perspective on SOA, BPM, and Microsoft’s technologies in these areas

    SOA, BPM, and Microsoft: A Microsoft Perspective

    From the data to the glass, Microsoft products and technologies address a broad spectrum of solutions.  In this presentation Steve Sloan will cover the company’s perspective of SOA and business process management.  How important is SOA?  Is Microsoft investing in BPM?  Why should companies select Microsoft as a go-to partner in these critical and fast-maturing software categories?

    Speaker: Steve Sloan, Senior Product Manager, Microsoft Corporation

    Audience: IT decision makers, architects, and others interested in the Microsoft view of these areas

    BREAK OUT SESSIONS:          3.00pm – 4.00pm

    Demystifying Workflow

    Chris and Graham will discuss the individual roles that Windows Workflow Foundation and BizTalk Server play and when to use which technology.  There is a lot of interest in the Windows/BizTalk community around this subject but often accompanied by some confusion and mystery – this session aims to clear all the mystery around these topics.

    Speakers: Chris Vidotto, BPI Specialist and Graham Elliott, Technology Specialist, Microsoft Australia

    The Ecosystem for BizTalk RFID

    In this session David and Mick will walk through the various components of the RFID landscape, the partners and providers for RFID in BizTalk Server 2006 R2 and some guidance on the business value and pitfalls with RFID:

    Speakers: David McGhee, Senior Consultant, Microsoft Australia and Mick Badran, Technical Director, Breeze

    Delivering Software as a Service with BizTalk Server

    This session will explore how people can start to think of BizTalk Server as something more than a technology, but also as a go to market enabler.  David will be sharing his experiences from the field where this model is being used to enable businesses to sell services – turning their cost centres into profit.  David will highlight the challenges involved and discuss how to resolve them.

    Speaker:  David Lemphers, Developer Evangelist, Microsoft Australia

    BREAK OUT SESSIONS:          4.00pm – 5.00pm

    The Application of SOA and BizTalk in Public Sector Solutions

    This session looks at how BizTalk and Microsoft’s approach to SOA can assist Public Sector departments and agencies to:

    · Meet promises to Government within tight delivery timelines and with reduced budgets

    · Whilst at the same time maintaining maximum flexibility to enable these departments and agencies to respond in a timely fashion to policy changes

    The session will take a pragmatic approach to describing how a department or agency can achieve SOA in a gradual fashion without ripping and replacing existing technology.

    Speaker:  Christine Axton, Solution Sales Professional, Microsoft Australia

    Applying SOA to Service Delivery in Communications and Media

    This session looks at how Microsoft’s approach to SOA helps Communications and Media sector companies to:

    · Rapidly deliver new services and products to market

    · Drive internal efficiency and systems agility

    · Aggregate operator network and IT assets to offer new convergent solution for end customers  

    It will take a scenario based approach to illustrating how leading service providers have leveraged our technology solutions.

    Speaker:  Jaron Cohen, Service Enablement Solution Specialist, Microsoft Asia-Pacific

    BPM, SOA, and Multi-Channel Integration in Banking

    This session looks at how Microsoft’s approach to SOA helps Financial Services companies to:

    · Design people centric processes and solutions

    · Leverage connected systems to drive channel integration

    · Connect users and systems to data and processes

    This will utilize an envisioning approach to branch banking based on SOA and BPM.

    Speaker:  Neal Cross, Solution Specialist, Application Platform, Microsoft Australia

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    NYT: So Much Music, So Few Choices


    Excerpt from New York Times Article:

    So Much Music, So Few Choices

    THIS week Microsoft introduced Zune, its answer to Apple Computer’s mighty pairing of the iPod portable media player and the iTunes music and video store. Though Zune offers a new choice for customers, it also highlights how restrictive such choices can be.


    To download the Times Reader, click here.


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    OMG - The router died


    The calls started this morning by 8am.

    Our internet access at home wasnt working and Moira was concerned.

    She turned everything off and on again.

    Nothing worked.

    She had already called the support folks and then in desperation she called me.

    Turns out our network router had died.

    No lights were going blinky blinky, so that's always a sign of things arent working.

    Off to the local DSE and back home with a new wireless router.

    I had about 6 phone calls from 'Rigo trying to get this working.

    I told him to wait until I got home.

    OMG - my family was going to have to survive with no net access for a few hours!

    Got home, plugged the bits in, restarted the connection, looked at the blinky lights


    The Arrigo's are back online.

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    Freshview : Local Aussie Company


    I got an email yesterday from Ben Richardson, co founder of Freshview

    All About Freshview

    Freshview is a Sydney based software company with tens of thousands of customers in more than 65 countries. We create easy to use web-based software and right now we're focused on taking the pain out of email newsletters.

    Here's the note and it's a nice story with a happy ending ;)

    -----Original Message-----
    From: benr 
    Sent: Wednesday, 15 November 2006 5:24 PM
    To: Frank Arrigo
    Subject: (frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger) : Local company developing .net web applications
    Importance: High

    Hey Frank,

    I was chatting to Ben Barren at a conference recently and he mentioned I should drop you a line and let you know about us.

    We're a software company ( in Sydney and have been developing web applications using the Microsoft stack (IIS/ASP.NET/SQL Server) for the last 3 years or so.

    Our first product, Campaign Monitor ( has been experiencing phenomenal growth over the past 2 years and has had great reviews from our customers ( and throughout the web (

    Our second product, MailBuild ( was only launched a few months ago but has been another instant success (

    We also recently won the NSW Young Exporter of the year award which was quite an honour (

    So anyway, that's a quick wrap of what we do. Hopefully your interested in hearing about a local company building web applications on the .Net framework (and loving it) in a world where it's often preached that you need to build your Web 2.0 application on a LAMP stack.


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    NYT: How to Make Your Web Site Sing for You


    Excerpt from New York Times Article:

    How to Make Your Web Site Sing for You

    THE idea that if you build it, they will come, might have worked for Kevin Costner in the movie “Field of Dreams,” but it certainly does not hold true for Web sites.

    To download the Times Reader, click here.


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    Top 50 Sites in Australia ?


    We were talking at lunch about the top sites, by traffic in Australia.

    IMHO there really isn't a good place to get this information

    There is a list by Alexa and these are the top 50

    1. Google Australia
    2. Google
    3. Yahoo!
    4. Microsoft Network (MSN)
    6. Myspace
    7. Ninemsn
    8. Windows Live
    9. YouTube
    10. Wikipedia
    12. Real Estate Australia
    13. The Sydney Morning Herald
    15. EBay
    16. Microsoft Corporation
    18. The Age
    19. SEEK
    20. The Internet Movie Database
    21. Australian Bureau of Meteorology
    22. Australian Broadcasting Corporation
    23. Flickr
    24. BBC Newsline Ticker
    26. Digg
    27. Digital Point Solutions
    28. Optus Internet
    29. Telstra Big Pond
    30. ANZ - Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited
    31. RSVP
    32. Whirlpool Broadband News
    34. White Pages Online - Australia
    36. Commonwealth Bank of Australia
    37. Yellow Pages OnLine
    38. AWeber Systems
    40. Whereis
    41. Emailcash
    42. Apple Computer, Inc.
    43. NSW Government
    44. SourceForge
    45. SitePoint
    47. National Australia Bank
    48. Westpac Banking Corporation
    49. About

    Some of these sites aren't surprising, some I have never heard of before.

    I could go to Hitwise but they charge for their information.

    Where can I find the definitive list of top sites?

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