Growing the team

Growing the team

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I've got a great team, and it currently looks like this

(DE) Developer Evangelists  4  Andrew Coates Dave Glover  | David Lemphers   Charles Sterling  
(AE) Architect Evangelists  3  Anna Liu Nigel Watson Nils van Boxsel    
(ITE) IT Pro Evangelists  2  Jeff Alexander       Michael Kleef
(ISV DE) ISV Developer Evangelists  2  Shuk Chan David Sajfar      
(ITA) IT Pro Architects Advisors  1    Darryl Chantry      

Yesterday the newest member of the team started  - Shane Morris - who has come on board as our User Experience Evangelist (UxE) and he is based in Melbourne. For the last 5 years Shane has been a freelance interaction designer, and prior to that Regional General Manager and Principal Consultant for The Hiser Group, a usability/user interface design consultancy. He brings a wealth of experience to the team.

But that's not all.I've got two more new roles open

I am looking to have both roles sitting in Sydney, but for a truly wonderful candidate, I'm flexible.

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  • I still think you need a DE in the ACT franky!

  • :) And Adelaide frankly, Frank.

  • Awww, come on Geoff/Rob - Us IT Pros need lovin too  :b

  • As part of the developer keynote on the Ready tour, I've been introducing myself and my role at Microsoft.

  • pshaw, dugie! ITPro? Thast's geekspeak for 'can't code', right? :)

  • now now children

    it takes all kinds - developers, itpros, architects, and even consultants

    lets all play together

  • *grins* Got it in one Geoff.  Maybe one day when I grow up I can be a scripting guy!

    Ok Uncle Frank, we promise.  :)

  • *grins* got it one Geoff.  One day when I grow up, I want to be a Scripting Guy !!

    Uncle Frank, we promise to play nicely  :)

  • Heh. Just make sure you retain the ability to type. It seems to be somethign I've lost over the years :)

  • Woohooo, looks like you are a bit thin on the Brissy ranks.... time to work on getting those skills from "Excellent" to "Truly Wondeful"

  • "Uncle Frank" ? Isn't that 'Fruncle' for short?

  • Shane and I were about to create his blog, when he baulked! After a quick query, it turned out he didn't

  • Hey Frank,

    Put me down for the MBS job!


  • A few days back, I wrote about growing the team . Not surprisingly, this generated a lot of interest

  • I finally was able to logon to my BlogBeat account this weekend, following a PEBKAC sitution. Normally,

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