Former employee survives on disability

Former employee survives on disability

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Former employee survives on disability
Richmond Times Dispatch - Richmond,VA,USA
BY REX SPRINGSTON. Frank Arrigo joined Life Science Products Co. in 1974 as an 18-year-old welder. The job offered decent pay and lots of hours. ...

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  • You've been living a double life. :o

  • Wow, and he was 18 in 1974... Eh? Oh. ;) Happy birthday for last Saturday Frank.

  • Well, while I do share my name with one of the world leading authorities on AIDS (DR. James Curran, formerly of the Centers for Desease Control), that not the best "spooky same name" story I've got.

    I run a website for theater in NJ (  One day I decided to take a peek at the entry pages people were using.  I notice that a very large number were going to one particular page -- the bio of a woman who had been in one comminity theater show a few months earlier.  Then I started to look at the IP address of the people who were looking up that page : the US Senate, the Department of Justice and various newspapers.  This I figured required further investigation, so I type her naem into Google and found ----

    a) my page, with the title "(her name) Bio" was one of the first listed, but..

    b) a different woman with the same name had been murdered a year earlier, and

    c) her murderer, had, just that day, been sentanced to death.

  • I finally was able to logon to my BlogBeat account this weekend, following a PEBKAC sitution. Normally,

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