The Team Continues To Grow

The Team Continues To Grow

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I'm back in the office today after a short break.

Before I went on holidays, I was doing a bit of wheeling and dealing to close some of my open postions.

The front page of TechTalkBlogs has the news


So, 2 *new* people are coming to the team

And David Lemphers moves from one role in the team to another

So, the team now looks like this:

(DE) Developer Evangelists  3  Andrew Coates Dave Glover   Charles Sterling  
(DE) Developer Evangelists  2 Michael Kordahi     Scott Barnes  
(AE) Architect Evangelists  4  Anna Liu | TBH Nigel Watson Nils van Boxsel    
(ITE) IT Pro Evangelists  2  Jeff Alexander       Michael Kleef
(ISV DE) ISV Developer Evangelists  2  Shuk Chan David Sajfar      
(MBS DE) MBS ISV Developer Evangelist  1   David Lemphers      
(UXE) User Experience Evangelist  1    Shane Morris      
(EE) Enthusiast Evangelist  1  To Be Hired
(ITA) IT Pro Architect Advisor   1 To Be Hired

Now I better get onto hiring those other 3 roles!



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