TechTalkBlogs : Time To Go....

TechTalkBlogs : Time To Go....

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It's that time of the year. The leaves are changing, the clocks have gone back an hour and we will be introducing a new editor to TechTalkBlogs.

A big thank you to the Regional Directors who performed admirably.

Final scorecard (excluding Greg's farewell post)

  1. Dr Greg Low -  33 Posts
  2. Dr Neil Roodyn -  22 Posts
  3. Adam Cogan - 11 Posts

I like the numerical co-incidence of that

Now, the speculation begins - Who will be the next guest in the driver seat?

Some clues:

I'll let you all know later this week!

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  • Well that narrows it down :)

  • Hrm, initials wouldn't happen to be HO, by any chance? :)

  • initials of HO?

    Will - are u being rude???

  • Maybe its AD ;-)

  • AD ?

    can you be more specific Alpesh :)

  • One of the bets feeds around for top aussie tech/geek/nerd RSS feeds is where i'm

  • "Will - are u being rude???"

    I'm Unsure if that was a serious comment - but no, I wasn't intending to be rude. I did mean someone with the initials of H.O... linked to several times from here :)

  • will, i was tring to be humorous. and i failed

  • Perhaps you could drop someone in the IE Team a line and ask them to include XHumor or OpenEmote support in IE8?

    That way the whole world can easily mark-up what their intention of the given text was. Bring on the sarcasm/witty remark tags!

  • Andrew Dugdell aka Dugie!

  • Ok, I have played with this long enough. Time to break the news about the new Guest Editors on TechTalkBlogs

  • Spot on! Frank, you have a winner here! Got a Swag for me ;-)


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