Me at the Public Relations and Corporate Communications Summit 2007 ?

Me at the Public Relations and Corporate Communications Summit 2007 ?

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Next week, I am participating in a panel at the 2nd Annual Public Relations & Corporate Communications Summit

Panel session: Creating stakeholder conversations

  • If we view the role of PR as creating conversations with various stakeholder groups, how will the rise of new media technology impact the role of the PR practitioner?
  • Is there a role for new media in generating influence in the mainstream media?
    • Case studies and examples form each organisation: for example, CSIRO’s podcasts regularly rate in the top 3 science podcasts on Apple’s iTunes
    • Who are the opinion leaders within my organisation and how should I approach them for doing things like regular podcasts?
  • Future trends: will new media mean a new PR paradigm?

Marilyn Chalkley : Manager, CSIRO Media Liaison, CSIRO
Frank Arrigo : Group Manager, Developer Platform Evangelism and Corporate Blogger, Microsoft
Peter Witts : Public Relations Manager, Cisco Systems
Andrew Parsons : Director (Production and Digital Communications), Department of Immigration and Citizenship

The event is on 2nd & 3rd May 2007 at Dockside, Darling Harbour, Sydney.

It's really feels weird that I will be speaking at a conference on PR and Corporate Communication - I am so not that "type". Seriously.

What will I be talking about?

Give me a B, give me a L, ......

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