June, 2007

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    Sold Out




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    Tech.Ed LOLCats : I'm in ur event, subvertin' yr hierarchy


    You all know what LOLCats are? (You don't? Well go read this definition from wikipedia. I'll be waiting here)


    I want to get some TechEd LOLCats happening...

    Like this one from Nick Hodge


    Make a LOLCat and share it.

    LolCat Buildr (Beta)

    Help me subvert the hierarchy.

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    I got the following from MVP Peter Ward, sounds like a cool initiative.

    From: Peter Ward
    Sent: Saturday, 9 June 2007 12:33 AM
    To: Frank Arrigo
    Subject: AskaSQLGURU.com


    Hi Frank


    I thought you might be interested in a new venture that I have recently founded with several other SQL Server ‘Gurus’ from around the world, AskaSQLGURU.com.


    The concept of this free service is that if you have a SQL Server question simply Skype your question to askasqlguru and we will create a personalised screencast with an answer to your question.


    You’ve got questions...we’ve got answers AskaSQLGURU.com




    Peter Ward

    WARDY IT Solutions Chief Technical Architect and MVP Windows Server System - SQL Server

    WARDY IT Solutions – Specialising in building Microsoft SQL Server Solutions

    - Do you attend the QLD SQL Server User Group, the best place to learn about SQL Server for Free?
    - Have you subscribed to the WARDY IT Solutions Monthly SQL Server Newsletter? To subscribe send an e-mail to

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    the Australian Architecture Forum 2007



    Nigel Watson and Charles Sterling have worked hard in pulling together the Australian Architecture Forum, a one day event in Sydney on Wednesday 27th June 2007 at Star City and in Melbourne on Friday 29th June 2007 at the Crown Promenade Hotel.

    The keynote is by Dr Donald Ferguson (who has his own wikipedia entry and therefore much more noteworthy than me!)

    Dr. Donald Ferguson is a Microsoft Technical Fellow in Platforms and Strategy in the Office of the CTO. Don focuses on both the evolutionary and revolutionary role of information technology in business. Microsoft expects that Don will be involved in a variety of forward-looking projects.

    Prior to joining Microsoft, Don was an IBM Fellow and Chief Architect for IBM’s Software Group (SWG). Don provided overall technical leadership for WebSphere, Tivoli, DB2, Rational and Lotus products. He also chaired the SWG Architecture Board (SWG AB). The SWG AB focused on product integration, cross-product initiatives and emerging technology. Some of the public focus areas were Web services, patterns, Web 2.0 and business driven development. Don guided IBM’s strategy and architecture for SOA and Web services, and co-authored many of the initial Web service specifications.


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    NYT: Doll Web Sites Drive Girls to Stay Home and Play

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    Excerpt from New York Times Article:

    Doll Web Sites Drive Girls to Stay Home and Play

    Presleigh Montemayor often gets home after a long day and spends some time with her family. Then she logs onto the Internet, leaving the real world and joining a virtual one. But the digital utopia of Second Life is not for her. Presleigh, who is 9 years old, prefers a Web site called Cartoon Doll Emporium.

    geek girlz rulz!

    To download the Times Reader, click here.

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    When will the (Australian Imagine Cup) finalist list be put up?


    I got the following email today

    -----Original Message-----
    From: purehappiness237
    Sent: Thursday, 7 June 2007 11:59 AM
    To: Australian Imagine Cup 2007
    Subject: (Australian Imagine Cup) : Finalist list
    Importance: High


    When will the finalist list be put up?

    Should I assume that as I havent heard,that I did not make it?



    This message was generated from a contact form at: http://blogs.msdn.com/ausic/default.aspx

    It was submitted by Polly

    Well Polly, believe it or not, the finalists were announced today

    Australian Imagine Cup Finalists announced
    Posted: Thu, 07 Jun 2007 05:43:00 GMT

    The three top teams for this year's national software design finals in late June have been decided. In the interest of ensuring hot competition in Melbourne, I won't go into the finer details of their entries, but the finalists are:

    "The Intelligent Gorillas" (Queensland University of Technology) - developed an application for peer-based learning and discussion using a Powerpoint presentation as a starting point for something that becomes so much more.

    "Team APA" (University of Canberra) - developed a tool to help blind people program in C#.NET.

    "Smart Education" (University of Canberra) - think WebCT mashed up with Facebook, giving a very 'now' solution to student problems.

    There was a cluster of exciting, high quality entries in this year's competition, making choosing a shortlist pretty tough. Unfortunately, only 3 teams can proceed to the finals. There's still the People's Choice Awards coming up in late June for the best national entrants, so watch this space - if you've missed out on making the national finals, you're still in the running to take out people's choice!

    So, did you make it??

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    Emma and CyberQuoll


    Emma the Birthday girl

    Emma came home the other night and asked me if I knew about CyberQuoll.

    Apparently it was from Microsoft.

    She has been using it at school, had enjoyed it and wanted tell me all about it.

    Well, to be honest I didn't know what it was, but I played along, pretended I knew about it and asked her to show me it

    Off we went and searched for it - she couldn't remember the URL

    CyberQuoll – Internet Safety Education for Primary Schools

    Internet Safety Education for Primary Schools

    Ahhh, it's an initiative from NetAlert. Ok, that makes sense.

    NetAlert Limited

    She had watched the first two episodes at school, so I watched episode three with her.


    She would not be impressed with me right now - LOL

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