Time to terminate TechTalkBlog's talented trio

Time to terminate TechTalkBlog's talented trio

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It only seems like the other day that I introduced the talented trio who were the Guest Editors on TechTalkBlogs.

But, like they say, all good things come to an end.

The message is already out there:

Here's the scorecard. (I like this little part of the goodbye)

Does this mean 1 Anthony can get you 3 Dugies, or 5 Kens ???? LOL

Seriously, I would like to thank all 3 for their support of TechTalkBlogs. It's been a good one.

Now, who is next??

Let me say, there is another talented trio in the wings.

Some obscure hints

  • They have all attended Tech.Ed in the past
  • They will be attending Tech.Ed this year
  • They all ROCK!!!

I reckon no one will guess. But leave your suggestions in the comments. (I'll find a prize if someone does get it)

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