September, 2007

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    The New Computer - Dell Latitude D830


    I got my new laptop the other day.

    It's a Dell Latitude D830

    Dell Latitude D830

    The reviews are positive :

    It has the best Windows Experience Index of all the machines I have had so far, which isn't saying much really,


    I am pretty happy with this little fella, but I do miss my tablet.

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    The One About Temporary Housing


    We have been in the US now for 24 days now.

    In that time, we have had 4 addresses and have moved 3 times.

    As part of the relocation to the US, I got to work with a relocation specialist who would help me deal with all the details of the move such as packing, travel, temporary accommodation etc.

    I got a bunch of forms to fill in and provided all my details - including the fact I have 4 kids.

    When we were leaving Sydney, I was sent an email with our new temporary address. This is kinda important because we need to give the movers a forwarding address to deliver things to, as well as put that information on our I-94 form.

    Address #1

    While we were in transit, I got another email with a different address. Good thing I checked my email regularly.

    Address #2

    So, we land in Seattle, grab our luggage and head to the apartment.

    When we get there, we realize that it is the same complex we stay in during our first time in the US way back in 1993.

    Good news, it's really close to Microsoft.

    Bad news, it's a 3 bedroom apartment, and a little on the small side. I have 2 BIG boys who need their space.

    A few days later, we moved to a house

    Address #3

    It was an OK place, a little bit rundown, but at least it had room for the kids.

    However, there was construction happening all around.

    The view from my bedroom window

    They were building 27 houses behind the house and the builders would start early each morning.

    Builders building

    But the straw that finally broke the camel's back happened a few days after we moved in.

    The house next door to us was demolished and a HUGE truck was parked in the shared driveway. The family was "trapped". Oh No!

    Then, while the builders were working on the new construction, they cut the water mains. Which mean there was no water in the house.  And yes, I got a call from my wife very soon after that!

    So, after some discussion, we got a choice of 2 other houses which were becoming available.

    We picked the house and got ready to pack and move *AGAIN*

    Address #4

    This is a 4 bedroom place. There is room for the boys. And it's in the school district that we want.

    So far so good.

    Each time we have moved, I have had to change the address information for our bank, phone, and a bunch of other services we have signed up for.

    Hopefully, our next move will be our last.

    And finally I just want to say, the relocation folks and the temporary housing folks have been very quick to help sort things out. They have been very responsive and supportive.

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    30 Days on the Job


    I've been in the US now just over a month, and have been in my new job for 30 days.

    30 days! Wow. Well, it has been 22 days if you take away weekends and public holidays - but however way you slice it, I have been here a month.

    Folks have been emailing me, asking me what I my jobs is, and what do I do (and that's just the Microsoft people).

    Anyways, I thought I would post the email that welcomed me to the team when I first started - let's see if that answers that question.

    From: Mark Glikson
    Sent: Monday, August 20, 2007 4:31 PM
    Subject: Please welcome Frank Arrigo as Director - WW Partner Lead & ISV DE Role Owner


    It is with great pleasure that I have the opportunity to formally welcome Frank Arrigo, to the Corp DPE Field Management team as the Director - WW Partner Lead and ISV DE Role Owner. In this role Frank will lead the Partner Segment of the Field Business within DPE Corp as well as being responsible for the ISV DE Role Ownership. 

    Over the last few years we have expanded our Partner activities within DPE significantly. We now target Depth & Breadth ISVs, VARs as well as Hosters and Design Agencies. As the Partner Segment Lead, Frank will work with all the Partner Segment’s stakeholders to land the Partner segment business in the field working closely with all the Partner Segment Leads in the field. Additionally, it will be great to have the same individual lead the ISV DE Community as the role owner. Now a few words from Frank !


    I started at Microsoft in May 1991, and have had a lot of fun in different roles, ranging from the CTO of the ninemMSN joint venture in Australia, windows media business development for Asia Pacific, working in the Executive Briefing Center preping our execs, and even being part of the advanced broadband network team working on iTV (with SanjayP). Since 2001 I have been with DPE, starting as an evangelist spreading the word on hailstorm, and then basically growing up with the organisation. The last few years I have been managing the evangelist team in Australia and helping deliver the highest developer NSAT in the world.

    I have come to Redmond to "Change The World" - it's kinda tricky to do that from Australia. IMHO, the best way to do this is by engaging with the ecosystem, specifically our partners. By having partners succeed with the Microsoft platform will help the Microsoft platform succeed. Partners are evolving and we need to evolve our approach to continue to be relevant. The Partner community (Partners Lead & Evangelists working with Partners) within DPE is critical to this success and I am really excited to be part of this.

    I also want to help evolve DPE so that it can continue winning the hearts and minds of all technical audiences - from developers, architects, it pros, students, designers, enthusiasts and anyone else who cares about technology.

    When I am not trying to change the world, I am amused by my 4 children who keep my wife and I pretty busy. Oh and I like to blog


    Please join me in welcoming Frank,  one of our most respected evangelists from the DPE field to DPE Corp !


    All clear?

    Aye! Aye!

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    NYT: Software via the Internet: Microsoft in 'Cloud' Computing


    Excerpt from New York Times Article:

    Software via the Internet: Microsoft in ‘Cloud’ Computing

    SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 2 — The empire is preparing tostrike back — again.


    To download the Times Reader, click here.

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    The One About Our Internet Access


    We have been getting out broadband internet access from Comcast.

    As their ads say, "It's Comcastic"


    We are also getting our cable TV service from Comcast.

    Now, we have moved around a few times, so how have I been able to manage this?

    Well, the housing provider manages the actual accounts with Comcast.

    Each time we have moved house, I have had to complete a form and a cable modem magically appears at the house. I then go through the setup, plug in the account details and voila I am on the interweb.

    It's been a relatively painless experience.

    It's a cable connection, which is the same as I had back home in Sydney with Optus. However, the speed is much faster than I had back home.

    I took a broadband speed test and came up with :


    Not too fast, but not too slow either. Rigo is happy - and you know, that's all that matters.

    Right now I am thinking what to get once we move to our new home.

    I would really like something *FAST*, ideally "fibre to the home" (or as they call it here, FTTP or  Fibre to the Premises). Verizon has an offering called FiOS wich seems interesting.

    I need to do my research and find out what other options are out there. Any suggestions??

    Does it make sense to get Phone, Digital TV and High-Speed Internet from the same provider?

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    New Business Cards Arrived


    They got here quite quickly too.





    And it has pride of place on my door (yup, the photo *IS* blurry)

    Blue monster blogcards

    Thanks (powered by Street Cards)

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    Linux and Windows interoperability with OpenXML


    I love an article that opens with the following

    In the past, ITWire has been less than flattering over Microsoft’s OpenXML document format. Make no mistake, an open file format is definitely a must-have. Nevertheless, it exists so let’s be pragmatic: OpenXML can greatly bridge the gap between Windows and Linux. In fact, it can open up whole new opportunities for Linux coders to produce documents in a Microsoft-friendly format.

    Read more over at ITWire and Digg it here.

    Kudos to Andrew Coates to helping educate David on the goodness of OpenXML

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