January, 2008

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    A tale of mobile devices


    When I started the year in 2007, I had one phone - my trusty I-Mate K-JAM

    Then I scored a Palm Treo 750 


    Windows Mobile 6 came along and changed everything!

    Palm Announced Update to Windows Mobile 6 for Treo 750 back in March.

    I waited and waited and waited and waited (though some folks didn't have to wait as long)

    Finally in October I upgraded to a HTC TyTN II


    Note the spiffy USB Leather Hand Strap

    Then I  also scored a cool smartphone, the T-Mobile Shadow, aka HTC's Juno


    I really like the lightweight wifi slider phone

    And then I finally tracked down the Windows Mobile 6 Upgrade for my Treo 750 (just before Kleefy tracked down the Telstra specific upgrade) - which continues to be my favorite device.

    So, at the start of 2008 - I find myself now with a multitude of choices.

    My kids are all being nice to me, because they all want an upgrade too.

    But with updates just around the corner - the fun will continue!

  • frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger

    Where are my readers coming from?


    I continue to be a bit self reflective.

    Today, I look at where people are from, and it's good to see my Aussie friends are still interested in my ramblings

    Perc. Country Name  
    35.00% United States United States
    25.00% Australia Australia
    6.49% United Kingdom United Kingdom
    5.14% Unknown -
    4.19% Canada Canada
    2.97% Germany Germany
    2.03% Hong Kong Hong Kong
    1.49% India India
    1.49% Singapore Singapore
    1.22% Netherlands Netherlands
    1.08% Sweden Sweden
    0.95% Romania Romania
    0.81% Norway Norway
    0.81% Korea, Republic Of Korea, Republic Of
    0.81% Malaysia Malaysia
    0.68% Japan Japan
    0.54% Poland Poland
    0.54% France France
    0.54% Spain Spain
    0.41% Kuwait Kuwait
    0.41% Taiwan Taiwan
    0.41% South Africa South Africa
    0.41% New Zealand New Zealand
    0.41% United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
    0.41% Greece Greece
    0.41% Italy Italy
    0.41% Ireland Ireland
    0.41% Portugal Portugal
    0.27% Hungary Hungary
    0.27% Austria Austria
    0.27% Denmark Denmark
    0.27% Switzerland Switzerland
    0.27% Belgium Belgium
    0.27% Brazil Brazil
    0.27% China China
    0.27% Sudan Sudan
    0.27% Pakistan Pakistan
    0.27% Turkey Turkey
    0.14% Croatia Croatia
    0.14% Thailand Thailand
    0.14% Egypt Egypt
    0.14% Israel Israel
    0.14% Slovakia Slovakia
    0.14% Iceland Iceland
    0.14% Mauritius Mauritius
    0.14% Viet Nam Viet Nam
    0.14% Russian Federation Russian Federation
    0.14% Indonesia Indonesia
    0.14% Bulgaria Bulgaria
    0.14% Lithuania Lithuania
    0.14% Cyprus Cyprus
    0.14% Ukraine Ukraine

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  • frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger

    Seriously hooked on Fresca


    Ok, I'm going to admit it.  I've been keeping it quiet for a while, but it's time I came clean.

    I have a serious addiction to Fresca - that "distinctively crisp, moderately smooth, intriguingly citrus, totally refreshing soda".

    In this land of Starbucks, you would have thought I would be addicted to coffee - turns out that's not the case.

    I do have my morning Caffè Americano, with a shot of suger-free vanilla, but the thing that keeps me going through out the day is my Fresca.

    I just can't explain the addiction, but I'm hooked.

    Maybe it's because the drink is as old as me, or maybe it's the phenylalanine, or maybe it's something I couldn't get back in Australia which makes it all the more desirable?

    It could just be Fresca means "fresh" in Portuguese, Spanish and Italian. and that appeals to me

    Who knows.

    One thing is certain - I am going to get a fresca now. cheers

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    Looking at Keywords, Shaking My Head


    I've been looking at the keywords that are leading folks to my blog.

    Some make sense but some are truly weird.

    Here's some from the last 7 days

    • frank arrigo
    • download mind games- sleek geeks
    • sideshow gadget
    • we fly 24 7
    • silverlight game
    • onenote calendar
    • maps satelite in live
    • microsoft accelerator program xobni
    • best vista gadget
    • vamos strip player
    • matthew boettcher blog microsoft
    • open source c# erp
    • microsoft blogspot
    • play video game symphony length
    • best vista sidebar gadget
    • microsoft startup accelerator program
    • opensource erp vb.net
    • trip to fry's
    • gold coast xmltv
    • wpf apps
    • bernard oh*
    • dilbert sidebar
    • all work and no fun
    • heroes happen here microsoft
    • new starter announcement
    • windwall jacket
    • mashup virtual earth security
    • cheat code camp
    • linq reference
    • andrew brisbane
    • wix code
    • sleek geeks episode 2 download
    • msn client wpf
    • send my voicemail to my exchange server
    • microsoft internet explorer : 4.0 (compatible; msie 7.0; windows nt 5.1; .net clr 1.1.4322; .net c
    • microsoft australia phone number
    • zune can't login region
    • three results in empirical open-source software engineering
    • jason mc connell
    • yukon harvey norman australia
    • powerpuff girls
    • wifi fun
    • software licensing and protection services
    • australia biztalk
    • get day in asp.net
    • monkey's thoughts
    • virtual mix
    • asp audi
    • linkedin button
    • heroes happen
    • power puff girls
    • universs
    • best sidebar gadget
    • dell d830 review
    • microsoft rss sync
    • mr / ms / miss / mrs. / dr/
    • optus quota gadget
    • k-jam hack bluetooth
    • technologies behind msn live.maps
    • long zheng laptop
    • hands on lab windows presentation
    • food inverted pyramid
    • mappoint web service australia
    • erp c#
    • cool .aspx sites
    • gary wisniewski
    • ms directx 10 blogspot
    • aussie aussie aussie ringtone
    • whatever you think
    • slides in presentation of search engine
    • imate k jam directpush
    • wollongong .net user group
    • dreamscene surf
    • chumby windows media
    • creating buttons
    • download windows vista beta 1
    • silverlight games
    • ico.com.au web hosting
    • microsoft tech t-shirt
    • chumby wmp 11
    • download rogue traders album blogspot
    • rss reader pocket pc
    • dell latitude d830 review
    • feeling poorly
    • gay marriage graphs
    • drive tree map
    • gps applications for tytn ii
    • microsoft clr macintosh
    • dilbert sidebar gadget
    • c# visio automation
    • silverlight tetris
    • bill mccarthy, linkedin
    • dell coa number
    • motion background
    • play! video game symphony review
    • flickr facebook news rss
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  • frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger

    Gadget Pr0n


    I admit, I've gone a bit gadget crazy since I've been here.

    I have picked up

    Wifi Photo Frame




    and last week, I got my latest addition - an XO

    Xo and pleo

    And this isn't counting the 4 computers, 2 game consoles and assorted networking gear.

    Yeah baby - we're living the digital lifestyle

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  • frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger

    Tweeting on the go...


    I'm a big fan of twitter. Been tweeting for over a year.

    I Tweet from my desktop,

    I Tweet from my phone,

    I Tweet at work,

    I Tweet at home.

    (sounds like a line from Dr. Seuss)

    On my phone I normally use the mobile client page or plain old sms.

    Recently Steve Clayton put out his wishlist for Twitter and he asks for a rock solid Windows Mobile client.

    Well Steve, have a look at Tiny Twitter

    I installed Tiny Twitter a while back and I really like it. Works well on all my phones and it's a native Windows Mobile app.

    I love Tiny Twitter

    But don't just take my word for it - even Jeremy "OffBeatMammal" Cath loves it and you will too.

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  • frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger

    what operating system is visiting?


    Today, I thought I would look at the operating system stats of my blog readers.

    These stats, as do the previous ones, represent those browsers coming directly to my little blog and not folks subscribing to the rss feed.

    Who would have thought folks are still running Windows 2000? or even Windows 98??

    Perc. Operating System
    50.84% Windows XP
    31.10% Windows Vista
    8.19% Linux
    4.18% Unknown
    2.09% Windows 2000
    1.67% Windows 2003
    1.00% Mac OS X
    0.25% Windows 98
    0.25% Windows CE
    0.17% Windows
    0.17% Windows FXRunTi
    0.08% Windows 64

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