January, 2008

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    Extra! Extra! Read all about it. News Reader SDK has been released!


    Tim Sneath has the good news - We've Released the News Reader SDK!

    The Newsreader SDK, or as it is officially called the Syndicated Client Experiences Starter Kit, is now out in the wild, so you can build your own WPF newsreader, just like the New York Times Reader, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer ,the Daily Mail in the UK, forbes.com, the Architecture Journal Reader and the newly released sample MSDN Magazine reader application.

    It's a veritable cornucopia of readers!

    Now, what I would like to see is a Sydney Morning Herald reader, or even an ABC News Reader, or maybe even a News News reader. Wouldn't that be something! I'm sure there are good people at work on this right now - right delicate genius?

  • frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger

    TRC Technology - Job Notification - Permanent Sr .Net Position.


    I got the following email this week. I wonder if it is due to Some Recent Departures

    From: Caroline De Kimpe 
    Sent: Wednesday, January 02, 2008 10:08 PM
    Subject: TRC Technology - Job Notification - Permanent Sr .Net Position.
    Importance: High


    As an existing or previously registered candidate with TRC International, we believe you may be interested in hearing about this exciting new unique opportunity for yourself or a colleague. 

    Ambition to become an MVP?

    Have you ever hacked into systems just to see how difficult it would be? Did you download VS 2008 to experiment? Are you involved in the .Net Community?  Do you have a blog / website? 

    Read on this might interest you.

    My client, a Microsoft Gold Partner, is seeking in Australia talented Sr .Net Developers / Consultants with a track record of achievements which can be professional, personal or academically, as long as they illustrate your passion for Microsoft.Net. 

    Things that make the difference are…

    - Involvement in the .Net community,

    - Having a blog, …

    - Having a Website,

    - Worked on prototypes

    - Downloaded / Experimented with Beta Versions, (3.0, Silverlight …)

    Anything that has to do with your interest in new .Net releases.

    They are an established name on the market, known as professional experts in Microsoft. 

    As No.1 in Australia they are listed as one of the Top 100 fastest growing companies in Australia.  They are looking for people that want to make a difference. 

    Why join them? 

    - Training, more than 20 days paid training

    - Work from home

    - More than just development, following training/ giving training, consulting and application development

    - Have access to the best Microsoft network and knowledge there exist

    - Work together, side by side, with MVP’s,

    - Great rewards

    - Competitive salary between 80K and 120K base (depending on your technical knowledge, experience and skills) 

    - And much more !

    I hope this information convinced you to apply, you can send your resume to cdekimpe @ trcinternational.com , please outline your achievements, community involvement, … or call me to address these by phone. My direct line is +61 2 8346 6717. 

    Kind regards,
    Caroline De Kimpe



    TRC Technology

    Part of the TRC Group, incorporating TRC Search and TRC Technology.

    Level 7, 275 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000

    P: +61 2 8346 6700
    D: +61 2 8346 6717
    F: +61 2 8346 6777


    Approved supplier under the NSW Government SCCB Contract No. 047/881

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    what operating system is visiting?


    Today, I thought I would look at the operating system stats of my blog readers.

    These stats, as do the previous ones, represent those browsers coming directly to my little blog and not folks subscribing to the rss feed.

    Who would have thought folks are still running Windows 2000? or even Windows 98??

    Perc. Operating System
    50.84% Windows XP
    31.10% Windows Vista
    8.19% Linux
    4.18% Unknown
    2.09% Windows 2000
    1.67% Windows 2003
    1.00% Mac OS X
    0.25% Windows 98
    0.25% Windows CE
    0.17% Windows
    0.17% Windows FXRunTi
    0.08% Windows 64

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    what's that visiting browser?


    Time for another look at the stats, so far I have looked at what operating system is visiting? and where are my readers coming from?, as well as looking at Keywords

    This time, I'm getting a browser breakdown. Remember, this is looking just at browsers visiting my blog and doesn't include RSS subscribers

    First, a breakdown of them all

    Perc. Browser Name Version
    43.33% MSIE 7.0
    26.00% Firefox 2.0.0
    12.13% MSIE 6.0
    11.20% Mozilla 5.0
    2.07% Opera 9.25
    1.73% Safari 1.2
    0.87% Firefox 1.5.0
    0.73% Firefox 3.0b2
    0.40% <blank>  
    0.40% Opera 9.23
    0.33% Opera 9.50
    0.13% Firefox 1.5
    0.13% Netscape 7.2
    0.07% Firefox 1.4.1
    0.07% Konqueror 3.5
    0.07% Firefox 1.0.1
    0.07% Firefox 1.0.7
    0.07% Opera 9.22
    0.07% MSIE 4.01
    0.07% Opera 9.24
    0.07% Firefox 2.0

    Now a roll up of the main players

    MSIE 56%
    Firefox 28%
    Mozilla 11%
    Opera 3%
    Safari 2%


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    Not all maps are created equal


    I am a fan of the rich mobile application, you know the one. You install the software and it can work offline and online as needed.

    Well I am running 3 of the more popular ones at the moment

    Windows Mobile Live Search

    Google Mobile Maps

    Yahoo Go!

    They all have their good points and bad points.

    One thing they all do is provide mapping. They all connect to a GPS

    I thought I would see how it mapped where I live.

    As it so happens, my street has a dead-end. It is blocked off

    Funnily enough only one of the 3 map show that the street is closed. Do'h!

    gmap wls ygo

    Now, this isn't limited to the mobile maps though, as both VE and Google Maps show the street to NOT be a dead-end.

    Map image

    Good thing *I* know it's a dead end

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    Where are my readers coming from?


    I continue to be a bit self reflective.

    Today, I look at where people are from, and it's good to see my Aussie friends are still interested in my ramblings

    Perc. Country Name  
    35.00% United States United States
    25.00% Australia Australia
    6.49% United Kingdom United Kingdom
    5.14% Unknown -
    4.19% Canada Canada
    2.97% Germany Germany
    2.03% Hong Kong Hong Kong
    1.49% India India
    1.49% Singapore Singapore
    1.22% Netherlands Netherlands
    1.08% Sweden Sweden
    0.95% Romania Romania
    0.81% Norway Norway
    0.81% Korea, Republic Of Korea, Republic Of
    0.81% Malaysia Malaysia
    0.68% Japan Japan
    0.54% Poland Poland
    0.54% France France
    0.54% Spain Spain
    0.41% Kuwait Kuwait
    0.41% Taiwan Taiwan
    0.41% South Africa South Africa
    0.41% New Zealand New Zealand
    0.41% United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
    0.41% Greece Greece
    0.41% Italy Italy
    0.41% Ireland Ireland
    0.41% Portugal Portugal
    0.27% Hungary Hungary
    0.27% Austria Austria
    0.27% Denmark Denmark
    0.27% Switzerland Switzerland
    0.27% Belgium Belgium
    0.27% Brazil Brazil
    0.27% China China
    0.27% Sudan Sudan
    0.27% Pakistan Pakistan
    0.27% Turkey Turkey
    0.14% Croatia Croatia
    0.14% Thailand Thailand
    0.14% Egypt Egypt
    0.14% Israel Israel
    0.14% Slovakia Slovakia
    0.14% Iceland Iceland
    0.14% Mauritius Mauritius
    0.14% Viet Nam Viet Nam
    0.14% Russian Federation Russian Federation
    0.14% Indonesia Indonesia
    0.14% Bulgaria Bulgaria
    0.14% Lithuania Lithuania
    0.14% Cyprus Cyprus
    0.14% Ukraine Ukraine

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    ... (you may be prompted to install Silverlight)


    My wife sent me an email this morning about a tv program called The Librarians which was shown on the ABC.

    I went to the site and poked around and found this


    I had to click ....



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