Upgrade from IE 6 … please

Upgrade from IE 6 … please

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Jeremy has a new post Are you still using IE6? which made me go an look at the current browser stats of visitors to my blog and it was interesting

Perc. Browser Name Version
45.32% MSIE 7.0
26.93% Firefox 2.0.0
13.43% MSIE 6.0
4.86% Mozilla 5.0
3.94% Safari 1.2
1.09% Firefox 3.0b4
1.06% MSIE 8.0

13% of visitors are using IE6!

So, I’m going to get behind this campaign too


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  • Sorry Frank.. That's me.. Haven't been able to convince them to move from IE6 where I'm working.. Something about breaking internal websites and priorities..

    Guess I'm going to have to start reading your blog from home :)

  • Frank - how many are using Win2K? A point was raised in my comments that there's still too many folks stuck on Win2K!

  • @Offbeatmammal - 1% of visitors are win2k

  • @Eddie de Bear : no problems Eddie. You can keep reading the blog from work. I wont mind

  • Hey mate,

    You got me excited and as the team lead here I was about to start telling management that we should tell our clients we are no longer supporting ie6 but then I did a quick search and came across this site: http://www.w3schools.com/browsers/browsers_stats.asp

    I then came to the conclusion that only developers read developer blogs and so you have a biased audience. Ofcourse we will be using ie7. but your average business sponsor will NOT. Nice try buddy. I feel your pain.


  • I still have to use IE6 at work, to many systems and consoles just do not work be it the different way it renders pages to the tabs. I would love to upgrade but until we replace these products, I cant.

  • Od czasu do czasu dzielę się z wami swoimi spostrzeżeniami na temat różnych artykułów jakie

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