MIX10 – why not MMX ??

MIX10 – why not MMX ??

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As soon as the PDC ended, the team has started work on MIX10.

There are workshops running March 14th, 2010 and the Conference is on March 15th - March 17th, 2010 – (yes, *the* Ides of March)

This year’s event is at Mandalay Bay. Attendees who register by January 15th will get one free night at the hotel.

Registration has just opened, there is a call for content, and here’s a collection of blog bling……

Mix10_LoveFest_blk_240 Mix10_LoveFest_brn_240 Mix10_LoveFest_grn_240 Mix10_LoveTheWeb_blk_240 Mix10_LoveTheWeb_brn_240 Mix10_LoveTheWeb_grn_240 Mix10_SeeYou_blk_240 Mix10_SeeYou_brn_240 Mix10_SeeYou_grn_240 Mix10_Speaking_blk_240 Mix10_Speaking_brn_240 Mix10_Speaking_grn_240 Mix10_Speaking2_blk_240 Mix10_Speaking2_brn_240 Mix10_Speaking2_grn_240 Mix10_Vote_blk_240 Mix10_Vote_brn_240 Mix10_Vote_grn_240

Speaking of the Ides of March – why not call the conference MMX this year??? Missed opportunity folks….

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